Dark Spots On Your Carpet

Dark spot on carpets

What Those Dark Areas In Front of Your Sofa Mean for Your Carpet

It is very possible that by now you may have noticed that sometimes, around the sofas, the carpet may be slightly discolored in such a way that there would be a dark stain right there. Sometimes, it can seem that the stain can be simply washed away when your carpet is cleaned next, but other times the problem can be a little more complicated than that.

A clean may or may not remove the dark area:

It is not very easy to say whether or not cleaning out the carpet will restore it to the way it was. This is because this may be a result of the inhabitants of the house wearing their shoes inside the house, as a result dragging in all the mud and dirt from outside.

Even if the shoes are cleaned on a mat before entering, not all of the dirt and soil is removed. The tiny, minute particles of the soil get caught under the shoe, and end up being deposited wherever you go on the carpet. As long as the shoes keep rubbing on the carpet, they will deposit some of the soil and dirt there. This can severely damage the carpet, as the fibers of the carpet nay start to show signs of fading away.

Why the patch can seem to be darker than the rest:

The fibers inside your carpets are made to be smooth and reflective, so they can look refined as the final product. This is why when the fibers are covered with other materials, such as dirt, little reflection takes place and there is a ‘dark’ or faded appearance on the carpet. This is essentially what is happening in this case, as the fibers are becoming damaged when they are rubbed with dirty shoes.

The problem becomes even more pronounced when the dirt from your everyday work adds in and creates an even bigger mess. This doesn’t just look bad when it comes to appearances, it also makes the fibers undergo severe potentially permanent damages. This can even happen as a result of fiber exposure to other footwear such as slippers with black soles. The sole rubs off onto the fibers, causing them to become darkened because of the constant rubbing.

The times when nothing can be done to save the carpet:

As a result of continuous exposure to the dirt and dust that is brought into the home with shoes, carpets can fall victim to a certain kind of ‘in ground’ soil. This is the soil that ends up being placed continuously in one position, resulting in permanent and deeply embedded stains that can prove extremely difficult to remove. Unfortunately, in such a case, more often than not, the carpet cannot be repaired.

This fault does not arise as a result of the lack of expertise or lack of correct tools. It’s just that that particular kind of carpet cannot be cleaned using that particular cleaner or cleaning tool. This is why it is important for you to take care of your carpet and avoid exposing it to dirt from shoes. The best way to do this is to remove shows before you step on it. Not only will this keep things clean, it will also save you from stubborn dark patches.

Different Kinds of Water Damages

water damaged ceiling

One of the most important things that a water damages remediation team will do once they get to your home, is to determine the category of water damage, and the class of water damage. These categories and classes of damages are usually placed in the order of severity, and can help your team keep you and themselves safe during the restoration process.

Category one water damages:

Category one damages are considered to be safe. They pose no danger to you or the people around you, and will not harm your body or trigger allergies. Read more

Understanding Black Mold and Its Dangers

black mold removal
Black Mold isn’t just one of those words that seem scary but are actually perfectly fine. The mold is actually very dangerous, whether it is present in a home or in an office, the mold can cause severe harm and even make people sick. It can affect your family, employees, and pets. However, the problem is that mold can commonly grow in damp areas and can prove to be very dangerous even when it’s just starting to grow.

  • How the black mold spreads:

Black mold spreads through any environment because it does so through tiny little spores that can’t be seen. Read more

4 Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes to Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Mistakes In Carpet Cleaning:  Anyone can tell you that keeping the carpets clean in your home or your office is one of the most important things. Not only does it help maintain the hygiene, it also makes sure that anyone who is exposed to the carpet, such as family members or important clients and employees, is kept safe. Cleaning the carpet helps you reduce any and all chances of growing molds and creating homes for dust mites. However, it is also important to remember that carpet cleaning requires professional; technique, and it’s important to avoid mistakes that can seriously harm. Read more

Flooded Damage Colorado

A Comparison of Water Damages from Leaks and Flooding

Flooded Damage Colorado

As anyone who has ever dealt with water damages can tell you, the process is always unpleasant, regardless of why it is happening or how it started. But different kinds of water damages pose different problems. Leaks can cause a lot of problems, but so does flooding. When the question comes up based on which type of water damage is the most problematic, you will need to evaluate the types of problems based on different criteria.

Based on the extent of damages:
When the criteria is the extent of damages, the water leaks don’t come close to the damages produced by water flooding. This is because flooding occurs over a large area and as a result causes more damages. Leaks on the other hand only cover small areas and cause less damage. Read more

DIY asbestos handling


People have a lot of questions about removing asbestos from their homes. Most of these questions are centered on removal from four main areas: furnace ducting, floor tiles, exterior siding, and the old popcorn ceiling. The questions differ, and there are various degrees of success for the DIY homeowners.

Just about everyone knows that handling asbestos is hazardous at best, but that can’t always be helped; hiring a professional team is a very expensive endeavor. But in spite of the expense, a professional asbestos remediation service are highly regulated, and a DIY homeowners rarely eliminates asbestos in a way that meets their standards. Read more

Asbestos and Asbestosis


It is common knowledge that asbestos can be harmful to a person’s health if he/she is exposed to the airborne fibers long enough. Unfortunately, public awareness has bred some misinformation about asbestos. These are some of the common myths.

First, a newly-built home or business is not necessarily asbestos free. A 2014 HSE survey shows that only 15% of people knew that asbestos-based products were in use until 2000.

Second, some believe that anyone can safely handle asbestos if they open a window or drink water afterwards. These are absolutely untrue. Asbestos removal requires strict guidelines and specially designed clothing and masks to avoid the risk of asbestosis or mesothelioma.

Read more

Safely clean up water damage

Water Damage Drying Equipment

Standing water can become stagnant, or harbor a variety of bacteria and chemicals. If your house has flooded, or sustained a leak, or water damage, consider your safety before diving into a DIY cleanup. Identify potential dangers and risks, take all precautions, and make sure you have the right safety equipment before you begin working.  Look for the name of a professional clean-up company and have it on hand for backup.


Flood Water can contain sewage or water laced with chemicals is a serious concern. You should never clean sewage yourself. This water carries bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Water that may be contaminated with chemicals also poses a serious health risk.   Stagnant water is another problem.  Read more

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Warning Sign

For decades the debilitating health effects of asbestos has been common knowledge, and its use in any industry in the US was ceased because of the public outcry. What many people do not know is that the old building materials containing asbestos (tiles, insulation, and more) stockpiled prior to its banning were still in use until the early part of the 2000s decade. So, even now, moving into 2017, there are still people being exposed to this hazardous material. Fortunately, there are also asbestos abatement experts who can safely check for and remove it.

Asbestos is…

Asbestos is a fibrous material that was commonly used as a building material because it was heat and fire resistant. It also was used in making certain building adhesives such as that used in flooring or wall tile. Asbestos was very commonly used as insulation. Its hazardous qualities were at least suspected in the early 1900s although it was widely used until the latter part of last century. Its primary danger was the risk of airborne fibers being released. So even though old materials in a home may contain asbestos that does not necessarily predetermine a health hazard although it presents a potential risk.

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Keeping your pipes safe and sound this winter

frozen burst pipe

When cold weather comes around, you bundle up, make sure your pets are comfy; you need to give the same attention to your home.

Let us give you some advice on how to keep your pipes from freezing and how to thaw them out if you need too.

Keep your Pipes from Freezing

Insulate all Pipes, hot or cold Any pipes located in the crawlspaces around your house pipes in the in the basement or attic, and any pipes located directly on exterior walls should be protected with foam or fiberglass insulation.  Your insulation should fit tight with as few gaps as possible.  Duct tape should be used to secure the insulation into place, and seal any joints in the insulation; it is best if you assure that all pipes are completely covered.

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