Document loss is often the worst aspect of a disaster, with far-reaching legal, financial and personal aftershocks.

If you have books, documents, or other materials which have been soaked from a flood, firefighting or other accident, there’s some good news: Your wet documents and flood-damaged records can be saved. However, you need to take the appropriate steps to insure their successful recovery and restoration.

We will professionally pack out, inventory and clean your damaged documents to help restore your peace of mind. We have experience in dealing with medical facilities, libraries, and businesses and understand the importance of working efficiently to restore your peace of mind.

Call ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration and let us guide you through the steps needed to prepare your wet materials for a successful recovery.


  • Book & Document Drying
  • Surface Mold Cleaning
  • Archival Remediation
  • X-rays, Film & Photograph Recovery
  • Blueprint & Map Restoration
  • Photocopying & Scanning
  • Pest Eradication Blast Freezing
  • Disinfecting & Irradiation