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A controversy exists over lead paint and the health effects it has on our bodies. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has touted lead poisoning as one of the top environmental health risks to children in industrialized nations. When you do the math that accounts for nearly 1 in 6 kids who already have toxic lead levels within their bodies.

Recent Lead Paint Testing studies have estimated that roughly 19 million homes have some sort of lead-based paint. The severity occurs during renovations or when building materials with lead in them are disrupted. Tiny particulates of lead-based paint can fall on children’s toys or they can ingest it through placing dusty hands to their mouths. It only takes a miniscule amount of lead to create life-long health hazards but luckily it can be remediated.

ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) is fully certified in Lead Paint Testing and removing lead based paint. Servicing customers in Boulder, Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs, Colorado areas, we have been in business since 2004.  We understand the severity of lead based paint and what it can mean to your family.

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5 Common Sources of Lead

Believe it or not, there are several common sources of lead in the home. Many of these can go undetected but could cause serious problems in the long run.

Buildings built before 1978

lead-testing-2Most of us by now have heard that buildings built before 1978 are likely to have some sort of lead-based building product. The common culprit is lead-based paint, but it could also be found in other areas.

Many times these homes are perfectly safe. It is not until you undergo a renovation or disrupt the building materials that would cause any sort of harm and exposure to the occupants.


Outdated playground equipment could also create unnecessary lead exposure. Lead-based paint on the equipment or artificial ground protection made from rubber shreds can contain lead.

Make sure to prevent small children from eating the rubber matting or putting their hands in their mouths before washing.


lead-testing-3Although small, dust creates the most danger of all the types of exposure to lead. Since the particulates are so tiny, it makes it very easy for small children to inhale and ingest concentrations of lead.

That is why the EPA created strict guidelines around renovations and remodels on older homes. ESPECIALLY if small children are present, it is imperative that you hire a qualified professional to keep dust levels properly contained and out of harm’s way.

Ecos Environmental & Disaster restoration can perform any sort of lead testing on your home to ensure that proper precautions are taken when conducting renovations. The presence of lead is not necessarily the problem, but when present in dust particles, can be extremely dangerous.

Drinking water

Not as common, but certainly a hazardous risk, old lead pipes can begin to deteriorate and seep into the water that you drink. Especially with old homes it is wise to get your plumbing and pipes tested for lead. If you do find that the old pipes have lead in them, it is time to make the switch.

Even if the lead is properly contained for now, you want to eliminate the possibility of deterioration over time.


Soil can become contaminated with lead if lead-based paint flakes off onto the ground and seeps into the soil. The dirt can be tracked into the house thus causing more areas to be exposed or contaminating nearby gardens and landscapes.

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If your home or apartment was built before 1978, then there is a likely chance that some sort of lead-based paint resides within your home. In order to know for sure, you need to get it tested.

When you reach out to Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration, you can be confident we will have the skills and tools to evaluate the lead present in your home. We will be able to determine if your home is lead-safe or lead-free, and provide the proper documentation.

Servicing customers in Boulder, Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs, Colorado areas, we have been in business since 2004. We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to keeping the occupants in your home safe.

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