Water Damage Owners

New Owners of Premier Flood Water Damage Restoration Company

ECOS Current OwnersECOS is Colorado’s Premier Flood Water Damage Restoration Company

Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) is a premier flood water damage restoration company recently bought by James and Theresa Lowry.  James and Theresa purchased ECOS at the end of 2013 with a vision to provide an exceptional customer service experience.  The Lowry’s experienced their own flood water damage loss in 2007 in which their entire basement was flooded from a storm.  This is when the Lowry’s first learned that the flood water damage industry is filled with many companies that do not provide good customer service.   They had a water damage restoration company respond 5 hours after their call and they were less than impressed by the appearance of the technicians, the explanation of the process or the price they paid for this company’s service.  With the purchase of ECOS, James and Theresa are striving to provide customers with a much better experience.   For instance, ECOS employees will be required to wear uniforms and present an i.d. badge giving the home owner peace of mind that ECOS will do an excellent job restoring their property in a prompt and timely manner.  ECOS employees will also walk the homeowners through the flood water damage restoration process so there are no surprises.  All ECOS professionals are well trained and certified on ANY and ALL cleaning and damage restoration.  James and Theresa understand that a loss due to flood or a fire is devastating and that’s why they want to bring the best service to all their customers.

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