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DIY asbestos handling

People have a lot of questions about removing asbestos from their homes. Most of these questions are centered on removal from four main areas: furnace ducting, floor tiles, exterior siding, and the old popcorn ceiling. The questions differ, and there are various degrees of success for the DIY homeowners. Just about everyone knows that handling […]

Asbestos and Asbestosis

It is common knowledge that asbestos can be harmful to a person’s health if he/she is exposed to the airborne fibers long enough. Unfortunately, public awareness has bred some misinformation about asbestos. These are some of the common myths. First, a newly-built home or business is not necessarily asbestos free. A 2014 HSE survey shows […]

Safely clean up water damage

Standing water can become stagnant, or harbor a variety of bacteria and chemicals. If your house has flooded, or sustained a leak, consider your safety before diving into a DIY cleanup. Identify potential dangers and risks, take all precautions, and make sure you have the right safety equipment before you begin working.  Look for the name […]

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ECOS Workmanship

ECOS technicians are IICRC certified with vast experience in the water damage and fire damage restoration industry. ECOS provides all of its customers with a one year guarantee on its water damage and fire damage repairs. In 2012, ECOS was awarded with the Aspen Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. In 2014, ECOS is celebrating its 10th year anniversary due to our highly regarded customer service.

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