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Dark Spots On Your Carpet

What Those Dark Areas In Front of Your Sofa Mean for Your Carpet It is very possible that by now you may have noticed that sometimes, around the sofas, the carpet may be slightly discolored in such a way that there would be a dark stain right there. Sometimes, it can seem that the stain […]

Different Kinds of Water Damages

One of the most important things that a water damages remediation team will do once they get to your home, is to determine the category of water damage, and the class of water damage. These categories and classes of damages are usually placed in the order of severity, and can help your team keep you […]

Understanding Black Mold and Its Dangers

Black Mold isn’t just one of those words that seem scary but are actually perfectly fine. The mold is actually very dangerous, whether it is present in a home or in an office, the mold can cause severe harm and even make people sick. It can affect your family, employees, and pets. However, the problem […]

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ECOS Workmanship

ECOS technicians are IICRC certified with vast experience in the water damage and fire damage restoration industry. ECOS provides all of its customers with a one year guarantee on its water damage and fire damage repairs. In 2012, ECOS was awarded with the Aspen Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. In 2014, ECOS is celebrating its 10th year anniversary due to our highly regarded customer service.

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