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Do you have a Critter Problem on your Hands?

If you find animal droppings and feces all around your property then it is obvious that you have a critter problem on your hands. Human advancement has come at a price. One of the more obvious ones being, encroaching on wildlife. As we move into animal territory, chances of human and wildlife interactions will increase. […]

Preventing Mold Growth and Development in Your Bathroom

As most people get to know through the worst possible conditions, mold can grow mostly in warm and humid areas. This is usually why mold can be commonly found inside the bathrooms or indoors. The problem with mold is that it isn’t just unsightly to look at, the mold can actually be seriously harmful to […]

Did you know your Carpet could be a Potential Health Risk?

Investing in a property is serious commitment. The real work as a property owner begins after you have bought a house or anapartment. Regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial if you want the property to not only hold its current market value, but also increase in value as markets expand. One of the most important […]

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ECOS technicians are IICRC certified with vast experience in the water damage and fire damage restoration industry. ECOS provides all of its customers with a one year guarantee on its water damage and fire damage repairs. In 2012, ECOS was awarded with the Aspen Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. In 2014, ECOS is celebrating its 10th year anniversary due to our highly regarded customer service.

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