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For over 16 years, ECOS has completed asbestos projects locally for our customers.  Most importantly, we are a CDPHE Certified Asbestos Consulting Firm (ACF #14480).  Furthermore, ECOS is 100% committed to making your property safe from asbestos.  Another reason to hire our company is that we can handle any project.  Likewise, we work well with your insurance carrier.  ECOS managers created a simple flow chart for customers to understand the asbestos testing process.  Please see the asbestos testing rules at the bottom of this page.  We have outlined rules for bother commercial and residential clients.  These rules will determine if you need to test for asbestos?

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First, We Have A Live Operator On Call 24/7 To Schedule Your Asbestos Test (Monday – Sunday)

Second, ECOS Is Certified By CDPHE

Third, Our Professionals Are Certified By CDPHE

Fourth, Our Professionals Have Been Screened With A 7 Year Background Check

Fifth, ECOS Professionals We Arrive On Time & Can Turn Around Your Test Results Quickly

Sixth, ECOS Focuses Heavily On Health & Safety Of Our Clients

Seventh, We provide estimates up front

Eighth, ECOS is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Nineth, ECOS Can Provide You With A List Of References Upon Request

Tenth, Strong Track Record Of Successful Projects Managed From Beginning To End

ECOS has office location through out Colorado.  Consequently, we are able to do asbestos test for most customers regardless of where they live.  More specifically, we provides asbestos testing services from these 8 offices locations (In Alphabetical Order):

  1. Aspen, Colorado – 401 Aspen Airport Business Center Aspen Colorado 81611
  2. Aurora, Colorado: 3538 Peoria Street Suite 507 Aurora, Colorado 80010
  3. Boulder, Colorado:  4525 N. Broadway Boulder Colorado 80304
  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado:  We Are Moving Locations
  5. Denver Colorado:  14175 East 42nd Street Suite 60 Denver Colorado 80239
  6. Glenwood Springs, Colorado:  6690 Highway 82 Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601
  7. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: 1920 Bridge Lane #8a Steamboat Springs 80487
  8. Vail, Colorado:  616 W. Lionshead Circle Suite 300-G Vail, CO 81657

Generally speaking, asbestos testing rules are clearly defined by CDPHE for commercial and residential customers.  Below, we have given these rules for a commercial client first and then for a residential client second.

When does a commercial client need to do an asbestos test?

Commercial Clients:  You need to do an asbestos test if your company…

  1. removes more than 260 linear feet
  2. plans to remove more than 160 square feet
  3. accumulates the equivalent of a 55-gallon drum of any material besides wood, bricks, concrete and/or steel
  4. plans to completely demolish a building, then you also NEED to do an asbestos test

When does a residential client need to do an asbestos test?

Residential Clients: You need to do an asbestos test if you…

  1. plan to remove more than 50 linear feet
  2. plan to remove more than 32 square feet
  3. accumulate the equivalent of a 55-gallon drum of any material besides wood, bricks, concrete or steel
  4. will completely demolish a building, then you also NEED to do an asbestos test


The above rules should be used by all of our Colorado clients.  Please realize that CDPHE takes these rules very seriously.  Further, CDPHE will levy fines for violations of these rules.  Once again, ECOS works well with all insurance companies and we constantly receive approval to take an asbestos test.  Noteworthy, we have a large asbestos testing staff and consequently we can handle large scale commercial jobs.  For example, ECOS recently completed a commercial project that had buildings located in 6 different cities.  Similarly, our most recent project that we were awarded came from the United States government.   The first phase is conducting a test to see if the materials contain asbestos.  The result of this analysis determes what happens next.  We walk you through the whole process.  ECOS provides an asbestos report to show clients what samples tested positive and what samples did not.

Asbestos Testing Flow Chart
Asbestos Project Flow Chart

Based on the flow chart above, ECOS points out 3 different outcomes based on the asbestos test results…

  1. No abatement is required is the test results come back 0%
  2. OSHA mandates abatement if the test results are greater than 0%
  3. CDPHE mandates a Regulation 8 abatement if the test results are 1% or greater.

Most importantly, we hope that customers reading this website page find this flow chart useful.  We have developed this flow chart based on our 14 years of experience!  Call ECOS on 888-375-3267 to hire the BEST asbestos testing company.  We also provide these other asbestos services:


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