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Sometimes a biohazard cleanup job goes more than surface deep. In those cases, even when all visible traces of blood and waste have been removed, a site still must undergo bioremediation to remove any microscopic pathogens that could expose inhabitants to dangerous infections. Only companies that specialize in biohazard clean up and waste disposal truly understand the science behind the process, as well as the equipment, processes and standards required for compliance with regulations.

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  1. Live Operator On Call 24/7 To Schedule Your Time-Sensitive Project
  2. ECOS Professionals Have Many Years Of Experience
  3. ECOS Professionals Are Certified
  4. ECOS Professionals Wear Uniforms & Carry I.D. Badges To Certify That They Have Been Screened With A Background Check
  5. We Arrive On Time & Commit To A Timely Work Schedule
  6. We Focus Heavily On Health & Safety Of Your Family’s Environment
  7. We Have No Hidden Charges & Provide An Estimate
  8. We Are Available To Do Emergency Projects
  9. ECOS Can Provide You With A List Of References Upon Request
  10. Strong Track Record Of Successful Projects

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Biohazards at a clean-up site may include blood-borne pathogens, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, H1N1 (bird flu) and other communicable diseases. These pathogens may live for as long as 16 days outside the human body, depending on the environment.
ECOS biohazard cleanup process involves wiping down every surface with our specially formulated cleaning solution, using a strict method of folding and wiping the cleaning cloths one way only, so that contaminants are not spread further. Then all surfaces are wiped down a second time and our spray sanitizer is applied. Finally, we use Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) monitoring and testing to verify sanitization levels.
Our technicians will remove flooring, drywall and other surfaces to clean out and disinfect all traces of blood and bodily fluids that may have soaked under or behind them. All porous materials, such as carpet and cloth, should be removed because they cannot be disinfected. The removed materials plus the used cleaning cloths must all be handled as biohazard waste, documented and transported legally and safely to an approved disposal center.
Our certified biohazard clean up teams are experienced in the use of personal protective and respiratory equipment and are experts in biohazard remediation. They meet State and Federal environmental and safety requirements for handling and transporting regulated medical waste and they maintain contracts with licensed biohazard waste disposal companies.


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