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If you home or office needs fire damage repairs, then call ECOS immediately before the fire damage gets worse.  Call ECO to hire certified fire damage repair experts with over 10 years experience in restoring properties. ECOS professionals will arrive at your location immediately to safeguard the home against any further structural damage. ECOS experts will explain the fire damage repair process to the owner and will take salvageable contents to our climate controlled storage area where ECOS professionals will thoroughly clean the contents to remove all odors (link to contents page).

After contents have been removed, ECOS will use the latest equipment and state of the art green technology to assist in the fire odor removal. Our fire damage experts will clean and disinfect all affected areas — including wall voids and air ducts. They will also use hydroxyl generators to effectively eliminate odors from the fire. All of our equipment will be safe for people, animals, and sensitive materials, along with any wet items left behind by the fire department.

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fire damage repairs
ECOS fire damage repair experts 888-375-3267