Common Raccoon Problems In Colorado Winter – Raccoon Control Services

It is common in winter when rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels often get attracted to homes in Colorado. Raccoons are no exception and they try to gain entry by sneaking through the attic or crawl spaces. If you are annoyed with their racketing sound, consider calling the experts who can provide raccoon control services.

Raccoon Control Services To Prevent Invasion

Raccoons flourish almost in every corner of the United States. They are super smart and homeowners may feel that they are nowhere safe from an intrusion. As per the reports, raccoons are known for breaching ceilings and collecting food items and resources. It often leads to dealing with significant expenses in fixing the damage. Raccoons certainly encroach ceilings and attics but usually prefer protected areas of human spaces.

These critters sometimes may even fall into your rooms and this happens when the ceiling drywall is weakened by mold infestation or moisture content. The presence of mold or moisture can also occur due to raccoon feces and urine. This happens when these critters spend a significant time taking a pleasant shelter on your property. Report the problems to an exterminator that provides safe raccoon control services.

Problems Related to Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons in the house are not a good idea. They carry rabies and a very rare type of roundworm that causes neurological damage. Stay alert if you have babies in your house. Raccoons may sometimes brutally maul kids and newborn babies if they manage to enter. therefore, keeping them out in the first place is a good idea. In commercial properties, raccoons usually enter in through rooftop air conditioners and ventilation systems. However, roof vents, structural flaws and front gates of a residential building are their favorite places.

Raccoons in Winter

Winter is the time when raccoons most likely try to enter homes. This is because they find warm places where lots of food are available while having good shelter from the cold. They can also enter through crawl spaces, chimneys, and porches to den up. Keep your trash clean to prevent raccoons’ attraction. Pregnant raccoons prefer using attics and making it their safe place for parturition.

Keep Raccoons Out During Winter

Raccoons are a real mess if they manage to enter your property. The situation gets worse if you have raccoon feces and urine in the vicinity. It’s always safe to call the experts who provide raccoon control services in Colorado. Raccoons love destroying insulation areas and tearing the wallpaper to make holes in the drywall. Raccoons may also break into garages, barns, sheds, and even chicken coops.

If you are living in an area with lots of raccoons around make sure not to leave any food source outside and keep the trash secured. Bring your pet food inside as raccoons are always finding for food sources. You can also choose to install motion-activated lights, sprinklers, and air horns to keep raccoons away.

If anyhow, raccoons manage to enter your property, getting rid of the mess can be difficult and even dangerous. Remember, they are wild animals and can get aggressive if concerned. Remove raccoons only with the help of professionals as they are specialized in dealing with such situations. Instead of harming them, these pest controllers use live traps and block the entryways to prevent raccoon invasion on your property.

ECOS With Raccoon Control Services

ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration is teamed up with qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about raccoon control services. With years of experience and skills, we are here to help you with complete critter clean-up services that include bed bug removal, raccoon feces and urine cleanup, hantavirus cleaning, and pigeon-dropping cleaning services.

Our team is equipped with the latest equipment and devices that ensure safety when it comes to preventing raccoon intrusion and poop removal services. Your well-being is our utmost priority and we implement all measures that help to maintain the same. We are available round the clock, so reach our experts at – 888.496.6353.

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