Common Water Damage Scenarios in Colorado Winter

Winter in Colorado can be harsh as the temperature drops below freezing and the vulnerability to water damage scenarios increases. A professional damage restoration team understands the inconveniences faced by Coloradans and thus, stays prepared to bring help in no time. From flooded home repair to water extraction, these experts play a significant role for many homeowners.

Different types of emergencies can arise due to the frigid climate and unpredictable weather.  The blistering cold temperatures continue till spring arrives. Fortunately, technicians from a damage restoration team have the knowledge to deal with the situations while minimizing the risks.

Dealing Efficiently with Water Damage Scenarios in Winter

Water damage problems are common for Coloradans in winter. Choosing an efficient damage restoration team can ensure lasting solutions. Their services are designed to reduce water damage risks and catastrophes. As they are knowledgeable about these factors, the delivered solutions are prompt and cost-effective.

Treating & Preventing Ice Dam Formations

Sometimes ice dams can form on the roofs of your building. This happens due to accumulated snow at the bottom of a sloping roof. It prevents melting snow from draining and water keeps gathering to form an ice dam. Every year, countless homes take irrecoverable water damage due to ice dams. It’s important to maintain uniform attic temperatures to prevent the formation of ice dams. Uneven temperatures cause the formation of ice on warmer sections of your roof. The ice again melts and refreezes at colder regions on the roof.

When left untreated, ice dams can cause permanent damage. Damage restoration teams are equipped with roofing repair services and thus, it is logical to call them whenever required. Also, ice dams can cause the spreading of black mold, which is certainly dangerous for the inhabitants. These situations can also be handled by the damage restoration team as they have knowledge in restoring water damage areas of a building. The restoration experts are equipped with the proper tools and techniques necessary to figure out the problems and restore the area accordingly.

Melting Snow & Leaks

Here in Colorado, snow melts quickly even after heavy downpours. Therefore, without sufficient drainage, the melting water can flood your basement or crawlspace. Long-term or unnoticed damage can even cause the growth of mold. Water damage servicing experts specialize in mold remediation. They can help you find the underlying issues of water damage and restore healthy living conditions.

Leaks can form due to many reasons. The bigger problem is locating it. If leaks go unnoticed, the problems will keep existing even after expensive remedies. It’s smart to leave the situation to the experts. It is said that knowledge speaks and it proves when a water damage restoration team visits the damaged property. They can thoroughly check the space to figure out the problem and work accordingly.

Call a Damage Restoration Specialist Today!

The scenarios shared above are some of the common examples of winter-laden Colorado. Other problems may arise due to blizzard conditions, heavy snowfalls, wildfires, etc. If you experience any hassle due to these circumstances, be sure to reach our expert technicians at ECOS Environmental & Damage Restoration.

We are a certified team of specialists with BBB accreditation and an A+ rating. We work directly with your insurance company and ensure a seamless process throughout. More to this, our Company is IICRC Certified with a team of highly trained technicians. Our services include IAQ Testing, Water Damage Restoration paired with Plumbing, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, Mold Removal & Clearance, Asbestos Testing & Abatement, Critter Cleanup, Roofing Repair, and more.

Our team is equipped and experienced to provide efficient restoration services for any property. We utilize industry-grade tools and our techies will throw everything in their grasp to restore the damaged property. Call us at – 888-990-5067 and let us know your needs!

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