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ECOS Has Over 13 years Experience In Urine Removal, Pet Odor Removal, Feces Cleanup, Mice Droppings, Raccoon & Bear Feces, Etc…..We Generally Refer To These Projects As Critter Clean Up & Animal Waste Removal.  As An ECO-Friendly Company (“ECOS”), All Of Our Projects Focus First & Foremost On Human Safety & Then Environmental Safety.  ECOS Works Well With All Insurance Companies & We Provide These Services From Offices Located In Colorado; Namely (In Alphabetical Order):

Aspen, Colorado – 401 Aspen Airport Business Center Aspen Colorado 81611

Aurora, Colorado – 3538 Peoria Street Suite 507 Aurora, Colorado 80010

Boulder, Colorado – 4525 N. Broadway Boulder Colorado 80304

Colorado Springs, Colorado – We Are Moving Locations

Denver Colorado – 14175 East 42nd Street Suite 60 Denver Colorado 80239

Steamboat Spring, Colorado – 1920 Bridge Lane #8a Steamboat Springs 80487

Vail, Colorado – 616 W. Lionshead Circle Suite 300-G Vail, CO 81657

….Insurance coverage varies based on the insurance carrier and policy that you have, but we can lend a helping hand to navigate you through this somewhat complicated process.  If insurance coverage is not available, then we can offer the most cost effective method of returning your commercial or residential building back to safe living conditions! 


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Why to Hire ECOS for Critter Clean Up or Animal Waste Removal

  • ECOS uses GREEN technology and State of the Art Equipment to restore your commercial or residential building back to safe living conditions. 
  • ECOS works well with all insurance carriers based on daily restoration experience in offices located in Aspen, Boulder, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Steamboat Springs, and soon Vail.
  • ECOS works well with commercial clients and self pay clients keeping cost effective methods in mind when giving estimates and doing animal waste jobs. 
  • ECOS operates 24/7 so we can immediately perform critter clean up and/or remove your animal waste during or after regular business hours & weekends!

Again, YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN when using our GREEN technology & Equipment to clean up your animal waste.  

ECOS professional technicians use the knowledge they have learned through 11 plus years of animal waste removal and critter clean up experience — the protocol ECOS uses is unique but relies on many years of countless mold remediation & asbestos abatement jobs.  Said another way, ECOS regularly cleans attics, basements, crawl spaces, and patios, due to critter damage caused by these animals and rodents:

  • Raccoons Feces & Raccoon Urine
  • Bat, Pigeon, and Bird Droppings
  • Mice and Rats
  • And even Bears, yes Bears!

The animals & critters above leave behind dangerous waste that can harm homeowners and their family.  Children can be extremely sensitive to all forms of waste created by these rodents.  ECOS strongly recommends that critter clean up and animal waste removal be done by an experienced professional wearing PPE-Tyvek suits, industry standard gloves/boots, and most importantly, respirators.

ECOS professionals are well trained and have IICRC certifications.  Our company operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so we can schedule an appointment that works well with your schedule.  Or we can schedule an emergency animal waste cleaning in the event that you and your family need our services immediately. 

Raccoon Feces and Raccoon Urine

ECOS strongly recommends that commercial clients and homeowners DO NOT touch raccoon feces or urine impacted materials with their bare hands and/or without personal protection equipment (PPE).  Raccoon feces in attic insulation should be removed promptly and safely by an experienced professional wearing PPE-Tyvek suits, industry standard gloves/boots, and most importantly, respirators.

Raccoon critter clean up is covered by insurance!
A curious raccoon about to enter a home


Yes, raccoon damage is typically covered by insurance.  WHY?  Raccoons are not considered rodents and in fact these animals are members of the bear family believe it or not.  This important factoid has given most of our COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL clients complete coverage for raccoon waste damage.  Said another way, ECOS has done many raccoon clean up jobs that have been covered by insurance.  We do have to state that insurance coverage depends on your carrier and your policy.  The odds are that you should have coverage for raccoon damage so hire a very good contractor like ECOS with 11 plus years of experience.  ECOS can help commercial clients and homeowners navigate the insurance coverage process and once again we have successfully gotten coverage for the majority of our clients.  This process is not perfect by any means so hire ECOS to increase your odds of getting raccoon waste clean up work covered by your insurance carrier.  In the event that coverage is not provided, then we work with the commercial client or homeowner on the most cost effective method of cleaning.  Our number goal is a happy customer and a safe living environment after we leave. 

I have a personal experience with raccoons living on my property.  Prior to owning ECOS, I had a raccoon family move into our barn that I wanted to convert into a nice cottage.  We found out that we had raccoons because we heard noises in the barn and found & smelled animal wildlife in the barn during the day.  We were told by a professional company that the first step was to understand how the raccoons got into the barn and raccoon proof the structure to make sure no other raccoons moved into the structure.  Raccoons are very persistent so although we covered and “proofed” the original entry point, the raccoons soon made another entry point into the barn.  The second step was to hire the same wildlife company to safely remove the raccoon family to another location.  The third and final step was cleaning up the feces and urine impacted material that the raccoon family left behind.  

Bat, Pigeon, and Bird Droppings

Bat, Pigeon, and Bird excrement is commonly referred to as droppings in our society to soften the term.  Regardless of the term, the risk posed by Bat, Pigeon, and Bird excrement or droppings is real and well documented over the internet. 

ECOS does Bat critter clean up jobs regularly
Bats in Attic will leave droppings

We suggest a quick internet search using Google, Bing, or Yahoo to educate yourself on the human health hazards posed by these droppings in your commercial or residential building.  ECOS professionals will be able to help you restore your attic back to safe living conditions after bats have invaded your commercial building or residence.

ECOS professionals are IICRC trained and have performed many bat and pigeon clean up jobs.  We rely heavily on our experience doing mold remediation jobs and asbestos abatement jobs.  ECOS is fully bonded and insured to give commercial clients and residential clients peace of mind.

ECOS strongly recommends that commercial and residential clients DO NOT touch bat, pigeon, or bird droppings without proper protective equipment.  ECOS professionals will provide bat & pigeon removal services that keep both environmental and human safety in mind — both your safety and our staff safety in mind. Read more at

Mice and Rat

ECOS has done many mice and rate clean up job for COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clients.  The majority of these after mice and/or rats have lived in commercial buildings and homes long enough to complicate the clean up efforts of our clients.  We do not want to spread false information or be alarmists, so we suggest that any commercial client or homeowner with mice or rats read the following CDC information: 

Mice critter Clean Up jobs are common for ECOS!
Mice critter clean ups are common for ECOS!



What is the human health disease caused by mice?  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome or simply Hantavirus Disease.   How does this disease spread?  Breathing in dust that is contaminated with rodent urine or droppings.  Some people are very sensitive and susceptible to diseases while other people in the same family are completely unaffected.  We recently completed a mice clean up job where the homeowner’s son was hospitalized with Hantavirus.     Meanwhile the rest of the family had NO noticeable symptoms of the disease.  Without the son being hospitalized this family would have continue to live in their residence without calling ECOS.  Not all humans react the same to unsafe living conditions caused by the presence of mice and rats.

Prior to owning ECOS, I will never forget when my children said they saw a mouse in our house.  They were excited to catch the loose critter, but when the company we hired found excrement in our pantry my wife and I were horrified about the health risks.  We did some basic internet searches and the literature supports immediate removal and clean up activity!  Thankfully, our mouse was recent visitor and removed immediately.  Health risks increase exponentially the longer these rodents live in your commercial building or residential home.

Bear Droppings and Bear Scat Clean Up 

In July 2015, we were called to do an emergency cleaning after a baby bear caused a lot of damage to a extremely nice affluent home in Aspen, Colorado on a Saturday.  When you call ECOS in the after hours, you will get either an owner or senior branch manager on the phone to handle your emergency call.  This call was handled by one of the owners.  The customer informed ECOS that a bear went through the house dragging mud and outside debris through out the first floor.  The same bear left behind unwanted droppings (also called bear scat) and urine stains on the carpet.  Bear droppings can be huge and exhibit a wide range of colors based on what the bear has been eating.  This unfortunate damage occurred on the first floor of the home and thus needed to be cleaned immediately for the family to live in the home.  ECOS dispatched two technicians that successfully returned the residence to safe living conditions that very same day. 

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