Do you have a Critter Problem on your Hands?

Critter problem

If you find animal droppings and feces all around your property then it is obvious that you have a critter problem on your hands. Human advancement has come at a price. One of the more obvious ones being, encroaching on wildlife. As we move into animal territory, chances of human and wildlife interactions will increase. It is not uncommon for entire raccoon families to take up residence on a property. Or for bats, rodents and even coyotes and bears to move into areas populated by humans.

The result is that in addition to the danger of a wild animal roaming freely on your property, you will also have to contend with animal waste. Animal droppings are a danger to human health. Raccoon droppings for instance contains parasites while rodent droppings contain Hantavirus, if they are affected by the disease. Bat and bird droppings on the other hand can cause a respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis. If animal droppings is becoming an issue, it is best to have a professional step into the situation and plan a cleanup process to avoid any health hazards. Animal droppings are commonly found in the basement, garages, attics, and in the case of rodent droppings the most common area is the kitchen.

Dealing with Rodent Droppings

Rats and mice infestation has a big nuisance component. In most instances, rats and mice make a beeline for the kitchen in search of food. You could find rodent droppings in your pantry, in your kitchen cabinets and even under your kitchen sink. The best way to avoid any health risks is by first removing all rodent droppings and then effectively decontaminating the area. If you find animal droppings next to food, then dispose it immediately since you cannot discount the possibility of food contamination.

Animal Droppings outside the House

Raccoon, field mice or rat droppings can commonly be found in garages. Again, most of these animals and rodents come to garages in search of food. So it’s not uncommon to find animal droppings all over your garage. To deal with this situation, you will need the services of a reputable Critter Control company which can help with the clean-up and effectively eliminate your animal problem. Critter control experts will first identify the entry points, trap the animal, arrange for them to be moved to a different and safe location, and also help in cleaning up the property.

Animal Droppings in Basements and Attics

The attic in your house and the basement are again common areas where animal droppings can pose a problem. Here you will find bird, squirrel, bat, rodent, and raccoon droppings. Other forms of damage could include chewed up electrical wires, and damage to insulation which impacts the heating and cooling of your house.

In each of the above mentioned situations you will need the assistance of a reputable critter control company. Professionally trained experts use special gear and equipment while performing critter clean-up and also when carrying out removal of animal waste. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean up animal waste from your property unless you are trained and have the requisite gear. This is a job for the professionals and it is best left to them.

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