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If your property needs fire damage cleaning service, then call ECOS immediately.  We will restore your property as quickly as possible.  Our quick response time will save you time and money.  ECOS professionals are certified fire damage cleaning experts with over 10 years experience in fire damage cleaning.  We will arrive at your location quickly to begin the process of eliminating the presence of fire odor from your property.  ECOS experts will explain the fire damage cleaning process to the homeowner or business owner.  Because our company is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, we can handle any fire damage cleaning service call no matter the time of day or night.

ECOS professionals will sort the contents of your property into salvageable and non-salvageable categories.  ECOS will then remove all salvageable contents and thoroughly clean the contents to remove all odors in a climate controlled warehouse.  After salvageable contents have been removed, ECO use the latest equipment and state of the art green technology to assist in fire odor removal. Our fire damage cleaning experts will clean and disinfect all affected areas of your home or office.  ECOS professionals will also use hydroxyl generators to effectively eliminate odors from the fire at your property.  All of our equipment will be safe for people and animals.

ECOS works very well with all insurance companies and we provide fire damage cleaning service for small, medium, or large areas of your property.  To assist with this insurance process, we take photographs prior to our restoration service.  These “before” pictures allow the insurance company to see the extent and location of the fire damage prior to our services.  We also take pictures after our emergency fire damage cleaning service.   These “after” pictures provide proof to the insurance company that the property is fully restored and back to pristine conditions.  ECOS professionals will also walk through your property with the insurance company adjuster before and after we perform our services.  These meetings are important to make the insurance claims process seamless for the homeowner or business owner.  Call ECOS 888-375-3267 now for any and all fire damage cleaning service.


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