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ECOS is committed to providing emergency roofing repair services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Our emergency roofing repair experts respond quickly saving you time and money.  Call ECOS now before your structural damage gets worse.  Our experts can respond through out Colorado area although in some circumstances, we will travel within a 100-mile radius.

When property has experienced damage from wind, hail, tornado, vehicle impact, downed tree, fire, vandalism, or some other emergency, the number one priority is securing the structure. With our emergency roofing repair service, not only is the property secured from outsiders and protected from being further damaged, but belongings inside the structure are guarded as well.

Emergency roofing repair gives the property owner adequate time to notify the insurance company and helps cut down on repair and restoration costs. Other benefits of using ECOS roof tarp services include:

• Stabilizes the interior so debris could be removed while providing the owner an opportunity to gather undamaged belongings

• Promotes a stable, dry environment so the interior of the property can air out, stopping further damage to belongings and reducing risk of mold and mildew growth

Members of our team are professionally trained and qualified, which ensures that every job is completed above standards. At ECOS, we understand the frustration and sensitivity of a situation such as this and promise to do everything we possibly can to reduce further aggravation and damage.

Homeowners and business owners should know that whenever a roof is damaged for any of the reasons listed but appropriate steps to have the roof tarped or protected by other means are not taken costs associated with any further damage would be the sole responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. Instead of taking that risk, allow ECOS to protect the investment, potentially saving a significant amount of additional money.

Every customer who calls ECOS is guaranteed to reach a live person and once hired the response time is extremely fast. As a part of our roof tarp services, we offer the following:

• Comprehensive damage assessment of the structure and contents

• Full or Partial Roof Tarping

• Secure and Enclose all Openings

• Insured and Bonded

• Work is Always Guaranteed

• Payment Options include Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)

• Before and After Photographs for Insurance Purposes Showing Initial Damage and Tarped Roof

• Required Paperwork by the Insurance is Provided for Customer Reimbursement of Paid Services

At ECOS, we offer competitive prices for both residential and commercial customers minimum of $400 for 600 square feet. The team at ECOS has access to quality materials and supplies anytime day or night, making it possible for any damaged roof to be tarped quickly, efficiently, and safely.​Roofing

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