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ECOS Hoarders Cleanup Professionals Are Caring, Discreet, & Have 12+ Years Experience.  Our Team Is Certified & Our #1 Priority Is To Return Your Property To Safe Living Conditions.  Top 10 Reasons To Call & Hire ECOS For Your Hoarders Cleanup Project:

Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Should Hire ECOS For Their Hoarding Project:

  1. Live Owner Or Manager On Call 24/7 To Schedule Your Time Sensitive Project
  2. ECOS Professionals Have Many Years Of Hoarders Cleanup Experience
  3. ECOS Professionals Are Certified
  4. ECOS Professionals Wear Uniforms & Carry I.D. Badges To Certify That They Have Been Screened With A Background Check
  5. We Arrive On Time & Commit To A Timely Work Schedule
  6. We Focus Heavily On The Health & Safety Of Your Environment
  7. We Have No Hidden Charges & Provide An Estimate Prior To Doing Any Work
  8. We Are Available To Do Emergency Projects (Monday Through Sunday)
  9. ECOS Can Provide You With References Upon Request
  10. Strong Track Record Of Successful Projects Handle With Care


Hoarding has become more mainstream with hit TV shows such as “Hoarders” on TLC and other documentaries highlighting the disease.

Effecting nearly 2%-5% of the population (According to the American Psychiatric Association), hoarding can be quite a serious mental illness, which many times can be misunderstood.

Family members, friends and community members would like to help the hoarder, however simply trashing everything in sight and cleaning up the house is not the most effective method. It requires a specific process that respects the anxiety of the hoarder, while still getting the job accomplished.

If you are dealing with a hoarding situation, and it’s time to restore the property to a safe environment, call Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration now at 1-888-375-3267.

At Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”), we understand the difficulties surrounding a hoarding environment and work with qualified professionals during the clean-up and restoration process. We believe everyone should live in a safe and clean space- free of harmful bacteria, trash and mold.

Essential Facts you need to Know about Hoarding

Recently categorized as a mental health disease, a hoarding condition is much more serious than society once though. Common misperceptions that one just simply can throw out the trash and clean the property can lead to serious rifts between family and friends.

If hoarding is effecting your life in some way, here are some important facts you must consider.

Hoarders have the best intentions in the world

hoarders-cleanup-2People who suffer from a hoarding disorder are typically not bad people. They are most likely not the most organized of the bunch and take comfort in things. Many hoarders will use material items as insulation from the outside world; protecting them from anxiety and external pressures.

In addition, many hoarders intend to find functional uses for the items in which they hoard. It is quite common that in their mind there is a purpose for each material thing which causes resistance in throwing it out.

A Major loss typically triggers hoarding

Studies show that hoarding can be triggered during adolescent years, but does not typically show itself until adulthood. Usually derived from a major loss in life, the person suffering from hoarding finds comfort in material items, and begins to use those things to fill a large hole in their psyche.

Hoarding can cause severe health issues

If you’ve seen the TV show, “Hoarders” then you know that this mental illness goes far beyond a cluttered house. Mountains of trash, animal droppings and undetected moisture issues lead to severely hazardous environments.

Over time the person suffering from hoarding becomes immune to the stench and smell, but could result in major health complications from the toxins in which they are exposed.

Do not Confuse Collecting with Hoarding

hoarders-cleanup-3Hoarding and Collecting are much different in scope. Usually a collector will place their focus on one or two types of items- keeping them organized and taking care of their collections properly.

A hoarder on the other hand simply saves everything with the intention of future use. This includes trash, rotten food, cardboard boxes and anything the person hoarding can use to insulate their anxiety from the outside world.

Hoarding is now considered a mental disease

In years past, hoarding was not necessarily considered its own psychological disorder. It usually was categorized under obsessive compulsion disorder, but never a stand alone condition.

With more research and experience with hoarding. It is now considered its own stand-alone disease, and must be treated by a professional team.

Is Hoarding Effecting your Life? Choose Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration

If you or your loved ones are affected by a hoarding disorder, there is no time to waste. It is time get them the help they need so they can live in a safe and clean environment. At Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration, we have the experience required to appropriately handle any type of hoarding situation. We work very hard to be an effective team member during this process- working closely with family, the therapist and the person suffering from hoarding themselves.

With over 12 years in this industry, servicing the state of Colorado, we have seen numerous hoarding cases, and understand each one is different from the next.

On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have dispatchers available to take your call regarding hoarding and how we can help you, your friends or your family.

If now is the time to address your hoarding issues, call Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration now at 1-888-375-3267.

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