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ECOS Guarantees That Our Mold Project Will Receive A Passing Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Report.  The Cost Of This PRV Report Varies By Company / Location & Is Paid By Our Clients.  Not Every Client Wants A PRV report.  Some Clients Choose Not To Have A PRV Report & Instead Choose To Have A Visual Mold Inspection.  ECOS follows strict Colorado guidelines to get you back into your property safely & quickly.

ECOS will work with a third party Air Monitoring Special (AMS) that provides independent clearance on mold jobs performed by our company.   Their report will be provided so that you have peace of mind that your indoor air quality is safe.  The following table gives you the Top Reasons To Hire ECOS For Your Mold Remediation Project:

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire ECOS For Your Mold Project:

  1. Live Operator On Call 24/7 To Schedule Your Project (Monday to Sunday)
  2. ECOS Professionals Have Many Years Of Mold Experience
  3. ECOS Professionals Are Mold Certified (IICRC)
  4. ECOS Professionals Wear Uniforms & Carry I.D. Badges To Certify That They Have Been Screened With A Background Check
  5. We Arrive On Time & Can Turn Around Your Mold Project Quickly
  6. We Focus Heavily On Health & Safety Of Our Clients
  7. We Have No Hidden Charges & Can Provide You With An Estimate Prior To Doing A Project
  8. We Are Available To Do Emergency Mold Projects Since We Are 24/7
  9. ECOS Can Provide You With A List Of References Upon Request
  10. Strong Track Record Of Successful Projects Managed From Beginning To End

Below, we have provide clients with a Top 10 list of questions to ask a company doing mold clearance work for their project.

Mold Clearance Report Guarantees This Mold Has Been Removed Safely
Mold Clearance Report Guarantees This Mold Has Been Removed Safely

ECOS Mold Mitigation Service Lines:

  • Mold Visual Inspections
  • Mold Testing (Provided By 3rd Party Air Monitoring Specialist)
  • Commercial Mold Estimates
  • Residential Mold Estimates
  • Real Estate Mold Estimates (Buyers & Sellers)
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Clearance (Provided By 3rd Party Air Monitoring Specialist)

Not all remediation projects require clearance testing, but some form of post-remediation verification (PRV) should be performed and it should be done by an independent 3rd party company.  This 3rd party report assures the property owner that ECOS has adequately cleaned the remediation work area to meet project specifications or standard industry acceptance criteria.  A professionally remediated environment will contain a minimum of surface dust and levels of mold spore types associated with water damage in buildings.


Top 10 Important Questions For Interviewing Companies Doing Mold Clearance:

1. What training do you have in doing Mold Post Remediation Verification (PRV)?
2. Where did you get your Industrial Hygienist / Air Monitoring Specialist (AMS) training?
3. Are you certified by CDPHE?  May I have a copy of your certification(s)?
4. Do you and/or your company have any outstanding violations?
5. What kind of experience do you have in the field? (Get a listing of prior projects.)
6. Can I get a list of references? (This should include past clients for whom they have worked and the clients’ phone numbers.)
7. What kind of equipment do you have?
8. What methods will you use to do this job?
9.Do you have a sample Post Remediation Verification (PRV) report for me to review?
10. How much will it cost to provide me with your Post Remediation Verification (PRV)?