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Mold is quite common within our daily lives since it is one of nature’s best modes of decomposition. However, you certainly do not want these little colonies targeting your home and causing health related side effects with their presence.

There are several ways you can prevent mold growth within your home but the main preventative technique is moisture control. The dryer you can keep your property, the less likely you will have a mold problem.

mold-remediation-2Sometimes moisture can be extremely difficult to control- especially if your home experienced a water damage event that was not properly mitigated. In these situations, it is quite common for mold colonies to take root and spread into areas around the house.

At Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration, we have an extensive track record over the past 12 years in mold remediation. From small patches inside an attic to remediating foreclosed properties with extensive mold damage, we have the expertise, tools and skills remediate mold from your home or building. Servicing Aspen, Boulder, Denver, Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs, Colorado, we have dispatchers available any time of the day.

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6 Ways you can Prevent Mold Growth on Your Property

The least expensive type of mold remediation is prevention, so we strive to educate our clients on which preventative measure to take in order to avoid future problems.

Clean up water spills/ damage immediately

Make sure to clean up spills immediately. Mold will typically start to colonize within 24 hours if the environmental conditions are right. If you have experienced a large water loss such as a pipe failure or flood in your home, calling a professional restoration company would be wise. They have the tools and equipment to immediately extract the water and work on drying out the affected areas.

Keep air conditioning drains clear of clogs or obstructions

When our air conditioning lines get clogged up, it can cause condensation to back up and flow into our basements attics or HVAC closets where the A/C unit resides. If gone un-noticed, this can lead to the type of water damage that can contribute to mold growth.

Address humidity levels within the property

Make sure to keep humidity levels below 60% relative humidity if you can. Ideal conditions can be anywhere between 30% or 50% relative humidity. Being in Colorado, this can be achieved in a few different ways, but during months of higher humidity, it would be beneficial to seek out a professional for advice on keeping the moisture content at lower levels in your home.

Ensure circulation throughout the home

mold-remediation-3To keep circulation flowing through your home, take time to open windows and doors on a periodic basis. You can also turn on the fans throughout the home to avoid any type of stagnant air.

Clean Roof & Gutters consistently

A Colorado winter can be brutal and cause snow and debris to accumulate on the roof and within the gutters. When this happens, it can cause obstruction the melted snow and back up into the attic and ceiling structures.

Since much of these areas are unseen, it can cause undetected moisture and mold issues. Keeping your gutters and roof properly maintained can avoid these particular issues and costly mold problems for occurring in the future.

Turn on a fan when showering

Mold can at times creep up within your shower tiles or in the bathroom. One of the easiest tips for prevention is to keep the fan on when showering. This way much of the moisture can be dispersed and exhausted out of the room- keeping humidity and moisture levels down.

Mold Issues? Choose Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration

Mold can be hazardous to your health, but can be remediated. The goal is to address the mold at the early stages of colonization to avoid lengthy clean-up processes.

However, if you have a mess on your hands, Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration can assist. We have the proper tools, equipment and expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively- no matter the project scope.

When you choose a professional company like Ecos Environmental and Disaster Restoration, your property’s mold remediation project will be backed by over 12 years of experience ensuring 100% satisfaction on each of our projects.

On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have dispatchers available to take your call regarding any mold related issues on your property.

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