Racoon Removal Services In Colorado

Racoons are urban creatures. They love to feed on grubs and trash in your lawn or surroundings. They nest and reproduce in deck areas, attics and chimneys. The problem is, they will keep gripping your property if left unchecked. They tend to gain access to your home to establish a safe shelter.

You can determine the presence of a racoon through these signs:

  • Ripped wood around your home or deck
  • Scratching or climbing noises in your attic or chimney
  • Racoons quickly cross the lawn

Racoon removal services are prepared to handle the challenges. They are equipped to offer a professional solution to prevent racoon intrusions. The professionals can even help you remove litter and faeces from your house. They don’t kill or harm racoons but certainly prefer manual extraction or trapping if required. The professionals are trained to deliver restoration services in Colorado and disinfect the areas.

Call Racoon Removal Services To Deal With The Poops

Locating or determining the faeces will help a lot. It ensures you of probable racoon intrusion. The droppings of racoons are tabular and have blunt ends. The hue is dark; however, the color may change based on the latest meals. Also, there are some distinguishing facts which you need to know.

Racoon droppings are similar to the size of dog poop. However, the distinguishing factor is, it may seem that seeds or berries are hidden inside the poop. This is because; most racoons spend their time outside and love feeding nuts, berries and fruits. The important point is, do not ever try to pick the poops on your own. Racoon droppings are known for creating health complications. Their poops contain certain parasites which are harmful to humans.

Racoon Removal Services For Clean Up Process

The professionals are equipped and trained to handle racoon poops. They wear protective gloves and clothing when removing faeces and urine. A professional team that provides racoon removal services will usually perform the job wearing a mouth and nose cover. There are chances of accidentally inhaling the dangerous parasites when removing the poops. It is important to note, unlike other rodents, racoons prefer secluding a location within the nesting area where they store the poops or latrine.

If you notice piles of droppings in only a specific area, then you have a number of racoons sheltering in that space. The smell of racoon faeces in the shed or attic easily gets noticed as they are mixed with urine.

Beware Of Roundworms

Apart from parasites, touching racoon popping with bare hands can cause roundworm infestation. Also, breathing contaminated dust particles can be harmful as these roundworms lay their eggs everywhere. Sometimes racoon faeces carry giardia that can cause bacterial infection in human kidneys.

To decontaminate the area and remove the racoons safely, call the professionals right away. Remember, the parasites found in racoon poops can survive even through the worst condition. So, it’s important that you disinfect the area before using the space.

How To Handle It Safely?

Racoons are not that disgusting. The only problem with them is that they love to invade human habitats. Thankfully there are multiple approaches from professionals who provide racoon removal services. The approaches and methods are certainly not obtrusive and thus, you can easily prevent intrusion without harming them.

Racoons love investigating their desired intrusion when it is dark. So, it’s a good practice if you well-light the areas around your home. Professionals also suggest placing a low-volume FM radio that constantly plays throughout the night. The sound or voices of humans will deter them from entering.

ECOS With Critter Clean-Up Services

ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration is teamed up with qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about racoon removal services. With years of experience and skills, we are here to help you with complete critter clean-up services that include bed bug removal, racoon faeces and urine clean up, hantavirus cleaning and pigeon dropping cleaning services.

Our team has the latest equipment and devices that ensure safety when it comes to preventing racoon intrusion and poop removal services. Your well-being is our utmost priority and we implement all measures that help to maintain the same. We are available round the clock, so reach our experts at – 888.496.6353.

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