Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup - Removal of paint from garage door

Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup

Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup

Hire ECOS for your vandalism graffiti cleanup project.  We are open 24/7 & we can respond quickly to your property as a local company.  Vandalism & graffiti can be extremely upsetting and frustrating for property owners. It ranges from comparatively minor pranks to severe destruction of property. In Colorado, the official term for this is “Criminal Mischief” and it is one of the most rampant crimes. This typically involves illegally defacing private or public property with graphics and markings without the owner’s permission. At times, it also involves broken window panes or doors that have borne dents and damage.

Vandalism graffiti cleanup can be difficult as well as time-consuming. Moreover, if acts of vandalism and graffiti are not attended to speedily, they can lead to increased wear and tear of the property.

It can be especially challenging to recover from vandalism in the absence of technically trained experts who have the tools and equipment to get the job done properly.  But worry not!  At ECOS, we’ve got you covered. Our vandalism graffiti cleanup services can effectively take care of your damaged property, restoring it so that your time and money are saved in the long run.  Below, we give the top reasons why you should hire ECOS for your vandalism graffiti cleanup project:

  1. Live Owner On Call 24/7 To Dispatch ECOS professionals
  2. ECOS Responds Quickly Saving You Time and Money
  3. ECOS Professionals Have 15 Years Experience in Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup
  4. We Focus Heavily On The Safety Of Your Environment (removing broken glass, hepa vacuuming the property, etc.)
  5. ECOS Is Available To Do Emergency Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup projects (Monday through Sunday)
  6. Our professionals Are Certified
  7. We Can Provide References Upon Request
  8. ECOS uses state of the art green technology to do the Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup
  9. We take photos of the entire process to enable the policy holder and adjuster to understand why the removal of some structural materials was required, what was disposed, and why ECOS employees had to use certain protective equipment.
  10. ECOS professionals Have Been Screened With A Background Check

Vandalism graffiti cleanup professionals can help in the following ways:

  1. Removal of Graffiti

If there is spray paint or painted graffiti on your property, it is best to start the removal process as soon as possible. This is because graffiti tends to become more permanent and ingrain itself onto the surface. Depending on the kind of graffiti, an appropriate solvent has to be used to remove it. Also, the surface damages and paint material need to be evaluated to restore your property accordingly. As vandalism graffiti cleanup experts, we make sure that the proper method is applied to get rid of unwanted writing or drawings scribbled onto your property.

Emergency Response Board Up Broken Glass

  1. Taking Care of Broken Glass

Often, there is shattered glass that accompanies acts of vandalism and graffiti. The glass can be from that of a broken door or window. There are safety issues to be considered here as jagged edges of glass can easily cut the skin. Even tiny shards can lodge themselves in nooks and corners or get embedded in the carpet. This can cause serious injury to people who walk barefoot, toddlers, and pets. So, if broken glass is not dealt with properly, it can be a severe threat to all. We help thoroughly clean up any scattered glass pieces in and around the premises. Also, if a glass pane is damaged beyond repair, we take necessary measurements and ensure its complete replacement.

  1. Repairs and Board-Up Installation 

It is immensely shocking and stressful to return home to find your roof, door, window, or wall damaged in a way that needs immediate protection. If these structures require temporary covering till extensive repair takes place, give us a call. We will send a professional technician right away to board up your property. Plywood boards and screens are generally durable and suitable for both short- and long-term security. The boards can be installed at a whole range of access points and provide a flexible solution. We take care of these board-ups and all related repairs to appropriately protect your property.

Emergency Board Up Broken Glass Finished

  1. Cleaning Driveways and Walkways

The walls along walkways and driveways are often subject to vandalism and graffiti. This can make these public places appear dirty and aesthetically distasteful. We ensure that these locations are completely free of all broken concrete and brick particles as well as stones. The place will look just as it did before the damage. As the particles are sometimes very fine, the use of an ordinary vacuum cleaner often does not do complete justice. This is where we come in, using appropriate machinery especially designed for vandalism graffiti cleanup.

Vandalism Graffiti Cleanup - Removal by Dustless Blasting Machine

Has your home or office recently been vandalized? Have you found graffiti on parts of your property? Anxious to clean it up speedily?

Call ECOS at 888-375-3267 today!

We are committed to providing vandalism graffiti cleanup services to make your life easier.  As experts in the field, we bring to you what is most important – peace of mind.

Why Choose ECOS?

  • We have a live operator on call 24/7 to schedule your project (Monday through Sunday).
  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • We give topmost priority to the health and safety of our clients.
  • Our modern equipment is safe for people, animals, and sensitive materials.
  • Our technicians are friendly and helpful.
  • ECOS has years of professional vandalism graffiti cleanup experience in the industry and are experts.
  • We have no hidden charges and offer competitive pricing.
  • ECOS professionals take “before” and “after” photographs with relation to our cleanup service that record and show the extent of damage to the insurance company (if the affected area is covered by insurance).

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