Asbestos In Colorado – Rules & Regulations

Asbestos is a material that is regulated by CDPHE – Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Asbestos in Colorado means abiding by local, state and federal regulations. This is in regard to the handling of various building materials that contain asbestos. Therefore, handling the material or asbestos removal requires some paperwork. It is also important to hire a licensed team of building inspectors and abatement contractors to conduct a proper inspection before and after the removal process. As there is no such safety level for asbestos exposure, strict rules and regulations are implied by the State of Colorado.  

Testing Asbestos In Colorado

Improper testing of asbestos before damaging or disturbing can cause an asbestos spill. This can be more costly when compared to the initial testing. Therefore, it’s good to follow the rules and regulations as stated by state law. This will not only ensure safety but also keep you away from legal complications. If the regulations are not followed properly, a large fine can be implied on the property owner. It may even lead you to jail.

Misconceptions Of Asbestos In Colorado

Many people assume that asbestos is illegal in Colorado and that the material is no longer used. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Colorado continues receiving a large number of imported materials that contain asbestos and thus, the risk remains for anyone who comes in contact. A survey states that 750 tonnes of asbestos were imported into Colorado. This is double the amount received in 2017.

When Does Asbestos Create Problem?

Asbestos fibers are usually released into the air when there is any construction work in progress. Asbestos exposure will not occur if the materials are not disturbed. It is important to note that fibers of asbestos travel through the air and thus, the source of danger is not easily located. The accident may occur in your home and the aftermath can spread to the buildings nearby. Therefore, to ensure safety, it is suggested to conduct an asbestos inspection in your building prior to any renovation works. A proper inspection must be performed by an inspection team under Section III.A.4 of Regulation 8.

Things To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

When it comes to the risks of asbestos, it has nothing to do with the age of your building. This is because, even after the state-implied ban, the import of asbestos-containing material has been on the rise. Therefore, a signed report from a certified asbestos building inspector is significantly important before performing any renovation work in your building.

Usually, asbestos-containing materials are not hazardous when they are in a good state. They only become dangerous when they are friable. That means when the materials easily crumble. 

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