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Emergency Board Up Service Experts of Colorado

ECOS Professionals Are Emergency Board Up Service Experts That Respond Quickly To Prevent Theft Or Further Damage To Your Property Saving You Time & Money!  If your home or office needs emergency board up service, then call ECOS immediately to protect your property from any further damage.  ECOS professionals are certified emergency board up service experts with over 10 years industry experience.

We will arrive at your location quickly to protect your property from any further damage.  Our quick response time will save you time and money.  ECOS works very well with all insurance companies and we provide emergency board up service for small, medium, or large areas of the property.  Because our company is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, we can handle any service call no matter the time of day or night.    ECOS experts will thoroughly explain the emergency board-up service process to the property owner.

We realize that if a damaged property were not boarded up, it could be further damaged by rain, snow, hail, or wind.  Another important consideration is that any further damage, theft, or injury could become the financial responsibility of the property owner.  We will respond to make sure that this problem does not happen!

Once a damaged property has been properly boarded up by ECOS professionals, the homeowner or business owner has adequate time to deal with the insurance company and determine the various repair options available.  To assist with this insurance process, we take photographs prior to our emergency board up service.  These “before” pictures allow the insurance company to see the extent and location of the damage prior to our services.  We also take pictures after our emergency board up service.   These “after” pictures provide proof to the insurance company that the property is safe from any further damage.

In the picture below, ECOS provided emergency board-up service to a dry cleaner that suffered damage from a car accident.  This car accident left the property open to theft and vandalism.  ECOS greatly reduced that threat giving the dry cleaner owner peace of mind.

ECOS emergency board up picture
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