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Asbestos Clearance | Call ECOS On 888-375-3267 To Successfully Complete Your Asbestos Project.  ECOS Guarantees That Our Asbestos Project Will Receive A Passing Final Air Clearance (FAC) Report.  This Is Our 100% Guaranteed To Give You A Passing FAC  Report.  We follow strict Colorado guidelines to get you back into your property safely & quickly.  ECOS will work with a third party AMS that provides independent clearance on all abatement jobs performed by our company.   Their report will be provided so that your remodeling or construction permit is issued.

ECOS has successfully completed asbestos abatement projects for residential, commercial, and government clients.  Last year, we had two very large projects totalling close to $700,000 in value.  We successfully cleared both of these projects through third party AMS reports.

Colorado has strict guidelines that ECOS follows to make sure that we safely abate your home or office.  If we perform the asbestos abatement on your property, then we most likely will have to bring in a 3rd party Industrial Hygienist to provide you with an asbestos clearance report.  We actively work many Industrial Hygienists that are certified by the State of Colorado.

The following Asbestos Clearance Flow Chart Highlights The 3 Phases Of A Successful Asbestos Project.  The first phase is conducting an asbestos test to see if the materials contain ACM.  The results of this  first phase will determine whether or not you need ECOS to do an abatement followed by asbestos clearance.  If the test results come back non-detect, then there will NOT be a need to do an abatement.  If the test results come back above zero but less than 1%, then there will be a need to do an OSHA abatement which requires no Colorado permit.  Some companies do not provide asbestos clearance for these types of abatement, but ECOS prefers to do Final Air Clearances on all of our projects.  If the test results come back above 1%, then there will be a need to do a Reg 8 abatement which requires a permit from the Colorado Department of Public Heath & Environment.  Reg 8 abatement also require a Final Air Clearance from a 3rd party company along with a manifested disposal at approved landfills.

Asbestos Clearance Flow Chart



The third phase of any successful asbestos removal project is a Final Air Clearance (FAC).  ECOS believes strongly in providing our clients a Final Air Clearance (FAC) report from an independent third party Industrial Hygienist (IH) to make sure we completed the asbestos abatement successfully.  We strongly suggest that the cost of a FAC (approximately $400 to $800 depending on the size of the job) is worth it to make sure our clients have

Questionnaire For Interviewing Companies Doing Asbestos Clearance For Your Project:

1. What training do you have in doing asbestos clearance? Where did you get this training? May I have a copy of your certificate(s)?
Are you certified by CDPHE?  Does your company have any outstanding violations?
2. What kind of experience do you have in the field? (Get a listing of prior projects.)
3. Can I get a list of references? (This should include past clients for whom they have worked and the clients’ phone numbers.)
4. What kind of equipment do you have?
5. What methods will you use to do this job? Are these methods in compliance with CDPHE Reg 8?
6. Do you have a sample Final Air Clearance (FAC) Report I can see?
7. How much will it cost to provide me with your Final Air Clearance (FAC) Report?

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