Bed Bug Cleaning Services in Colorado – Pro Tips

Let’s concur on the point that we live within a complex ecosystem of different kinds of living beings and they can, at any time, become pests to us. Spiders can easily squeeze in through the gaps in your home, rodents on the other hand can chew all the way and create a path to get access to your adorable spaces. For flying insects, it is the easiest to gain access. Well, with proper pest control, it is possible to create a barrier around your home to prevent trespassing. Now, when it comes to bed bug cleaning, the pest problem is unique and somewhat different. Here’s what you need to know!

When Do Bed Bugs Breed?

Bed bugs are nocturnal and they feed on human blood. Actually, they prefer any warm blood and thus, they can even hurt pets like birds or animals. Due to their flat body, they can easily hide within cracks, carpets, or upholstered furniture. The ideal season for bed bugs is summer, especially when the temperature reaches 17 degrees Celsius. Bed bugs become adults in just 4 months and start breeding to spread their branches. Be noted, that temperature matters when it comes to the development cycle and breeding. If you are living in areas where the temperature is somewhere around 27 degrees Celsius, bed bugs can develop in just a month. Therefore, it’s better that you detect these pests right away and call a professional critter clean-up team that is equipped with bed bug cleaning services .

Identify The Bed Bug Bites On Your Skin

Bed bugs usually strike at night. When biting their victims, bugs use a kind of substance that causes local anesthesia. This allows the victim to feel the sting after a certain period. For this reason, many people fail to determine the sources of infestation. It becomes a mess when the infestation is already significant.

The bites from bed bugs seem like red spots. It is very similar to skin allergies from food poisoning. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to differentiate between mosquitoes and bed bugs. So, you need to focus on the pattern. The small lumped red spots created from mosquito bites will usually form a uniform sphere. However, in the case of bed bugs, the lumped spots are not very spherical and uneven in shape. Bed bugs usually create a liner group with three bites each.

The bites created by bed bugs are also too itchy when compared with mosquitoes. Fortunately, bed bugs cant transmit disease and therefore, the discomfort of bites is the only point of concern. If you are sensitive to bed bugs or the infestation is out of control, consider calling the bed bug cleaning experts in Colorado.

Call The Professional Bed Bug Cleaning If You Have These Signs

Initially, spotting bed bugs is not that easy. They are too small and so they can easily hide within tiny gaps. So, look for these signs if you suspect bed bug infestation in your home. Look for blood stains on your bedding, furniture pieces and other areas. Bed bugs feed on human blood and when smashed unnoticed, the blood from their body spills out and creates a stain.

You may also find wastes of bugs or dead bodies on your bedding. Bed bugs waste usually looks like dark brown flakes. Initially, to detect these critters, all you need is to take a flat card – similar to credit cards and a torch. Simply dig in the seams of your bedding or mattress with the card to locate the infestation areas. Beware, if not done properly, the infestation can spread to other areas. So, it’s better to call professionals to reduce the hassle.

Bed Bug Cleaning Experts At Colorado

Call ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration at 888-990-5067 today! We are committed to providing reliable assistance to make your life safer, easier, and better. Above, we gave you some important information on removing bed bugs from your property, however, if things are uncontrollable, simply reach our experts to hire safe and effective bed bug cleaning services. With state-of-the-art technology and an extermination process, we can surely make your lives a lot better.

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