The Benefits of Using Dehumidifiers and Fans to Reduce Water Damages

 dehumidifier and fan

Water damages are a difficult process that will usually need your complete attention. This can become very hard for the homeowner, especially because the determination of what methods should be used to reduce any chances of further damages can get very serious and complex. This is why you should call a professional restoration company who can assess the extent of damages. In some situations, you might have to deal with water damages on your own, and your first dilemma will be between the use of a fan or a dehumidifiers.

Based on how the weather is:

Dehumidifiers are most commonly used when the weather is damp and wet. They can remove the moisture, but they can’t create a ventilation system with the air. This is why in sealed rooms, dehumidifiers are often preferred. One thing you should remember when it comes to using dehumidifiers is to clean them out regularly.

Fans on the other hand, work by circulating the air around them, and work best with an open window or door that lets fresh air in. The wet and moist air is then replaced with dryer air, so that over time, the overall moisture of the air is reduced. However, to open up a window or a door, the weather outside should be sunny or windy or your home will get soaked.

Using what is available:

Practically speaking, it is best to use whatever tools are available when you are working. This is especially relevant when you’re just filling in while the professional restoration are on their way. It is likely you’ll have a fan somewhere inside your home, and you can put it to good use by putting it in the water damaged part of your home. The fan will help circulate air through the room, so you can reduce damages until the professionals arrive.

Dealing with damp carpets and water damaged furniture:

In most cases, water damaged carpeting will need to be replaced. However, in case the carpet can be restored, or you can’t afford to completely replace all the carpets inside your home, you will need to use a dehumidifier to rid the carpet of all of the moisture inside it. In this case, fans will not be as useful, as they work better when it comes to standing or collected water. They can circulate the air around the room but they don’t work best when it comes to removing water at a smaller scale.

Dehumidifiers can be used to clear out moisture from under the waterlogged carpets and between the carpet and floorboard. This can help you especially when it comes to furniture or carpeting that has faced mild damages, and still has some chances of repair. Using this is a good idea as it can help you gain access to parts of the flooring and furniture where getting exposure to a fan can get very difficult.

Water damages can be very stressful and difficult to take care of. However, calling up the local restoration team can make your life much easier. If you see damages, contact a professional at once.

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