Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs

Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs

Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs 

If You Need Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs, then Call ECOS On 888-375-3267.  Most importantly, We are open 24/7, local, and respond quickly saving you time and money.  Few things can cause worse damage to your property than hail.  It can cause dents and dings that can affect the life and durability of your property. Alternatively, small-sized hailstones that are dense enough can even puncture a home or commercial property.  This can expose residents to unwanted elements of the weather and allow the unwanted entry of pests and animals.

Colorado Is A Major Part of Hail Alley & geographically sits east of the Rockies where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming all meet. This geographical area is prone to some of the most violent & frequent damaging hail storms in the United States going back decades.

Given the severe weather in Colorado, hailstorms are a common occurrence. In fact, hail in Colorado is worse than other parts of the United States. Why? According to Paul Schlatter, National Weather Service Meteorologist, on the basis of a calculation of kinetic energy Colorado hail is about 8% more damaging. Both the frequency and speed of hail are more here, which increases its destructive capacity.

But worry not! At ECOS, we’ve got you covered. Our Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs services effectively cater to your property.  Below, are some of the top reasons to hire ECOS for your Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs project:

  1. Live Owner On Call 24/7 To Dispatch ECOS professionals
  2. ECOS Responds Quickly Saving You Time and Money
  3. ECOS Professionals Have 15 Years Experience in Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs
  4. We Focus Heavily On The Safety Of Your Environment (removing broken glass, hepa vacuuming the property, etc.)
  5. ECOS Is Available To Do Emergency Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs (Monday through Sunday)
  6. Our professionals Are Certified
  7. We Can Provide References Upon Request
  8. ECOS uses state of the art green technology to do your project
  9. We take photos of the entire process to enable the policy holder and adjuster to understand why the removal of some structural materials was required, what was disposed, and why ECOS employees had to use certain protective equipment.
  10. ECOS professionals Have Been Screened With A Background Check


Hail Damage Response

  1. Emergency Board Up

When the roof is considerably damaged, we help fix it by implanting a strong board. This provides sufficient support to the impacted roof and blocks out any holes that may be formed. It secures your property better.

  1. Roof Tarping

A roof tarp is provided to prevent more damage to a leaky roof. A high-quality, waterproof tarp typically lasts a couple of years, depending on the slope of the roof. It gives you time to repair and re-shingle a badly leaking roof.

  1. Temporary Weatherproofing

Our temporary weatherproofing offerings help mitigate the impact of intense hailstorms. These stronger structures provide total shielding from the elements at a greatly lower cost than what is required to rebuild or replace the roof.

  1. Debris Removal

A hail storm will likely cause a lot of  debris to accumulate on your property (e.g. pieces of your roof, gutters, siding, etc.).  ECOS removes debris to return your property to pre-loss conditions.  We take photos to document the debris that we remove for your insurance carrier.  Most importantly, we remove any broken glass from the outside of your property as this is one of the biggest safety concerns we immediately address on site.

  1. Interior Water Damage Restoration

If you have a leaky roof after the last hailstorm, there are chances of water not just seeping into your roof but also the walls. When the water remains trapped in the walls for a prolonged period, it leads to the infestation of mold – causing health hazards. We take all measures to relieve this condition so that there is no or minimal water infiltration in your home.

  1. Insurance-Friendly

We work extremely well with all insurance companies. We take appropriate pictures and document the degree of damage to your property. Our “before” and “after” photographs show the initial damage and repairs to return the property to pre-loss conditions.  Most importantly, ECOS works hand-in-hand with your insurance carrier to cover the scope of work we perform on your property.  Finally, ECOS will notify you immediately whenever we find a coverage issue to discuss the available options at hand.

Hail Damage Repair

  1. Residential and Commercial Roofs

Whether your property is residential or commercial, we can repair and replace the respective roofs. Commercial roofs cover a larger size of the building and are typically flat or low-sloped. Residential roofs, on the other hand, have less concern pertaining to structural factors. No matter what the requirement, we have specialized experience with all kinds of roofs.

  1. Windows, Skylights, and Atriums

It is quite common for hail to puncture windows, skylights, and atriums. This necessitates total replacement. We take the exact measurements and ensure top quality structures to fit in so that your property looks exactly as it was prior to the damage.

  1. Siding, Exterior Finishes, and Decks

The adverse effect of hail leaves scratches, marks, and dents on exterior structures. This can visibly spoil the beauty of the property.

  1. Gutters, Awnings, and Commercial Facades

While commercial facades and awnings are a great contributor to the aesthetic look of your home or workplace, gutters are important for ensuring hygiene.  ECOS will replace or fix broken gutters to help protect your property.

  1. Exterior Lighting and Signs

A hail storm can definitely damage your exterior lighting and exterior signs.  For example, an impacted sign can obstruct your driveway, or a broken exterior light can make it difficult for you to travel after sundown. Property owners will want to fix the damages to these structures.  We highly recommend that you hire a professional to fix damaged exterior lighting and signs.

  1. Tree Trimming and Removal

When branches of trees fall over on your property or around it, there can be multiple challenges, ranging from restriction in navigation to accumulation of dirt and grime. Trust us to trim the greenery and remove the unwanted matter where necessary.

  1. Landscape Repair

Severe hailstorms have the capacity to disturb not just one structure but the entire landscape of your home or workplace. This includes all constructions and fixtures in and around your property. We take care to restore the landscape in its entirety so that you no longer feel ashamed of having guests and visitors come over.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by problems & need help with your Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs project?

Call ECOS at 888-375-3267 today!

As an emergency response contractor, we bring you what is most important – peace of mind.

Once again, why Choose ECOS for your Hail Damage Cleanup and Repairs project?

  • ECOS employs trained, experienced, and qualified technicians who are certified restoration specialists.
  • Our company uses advanced technology and equipment to handle your situation in an environmentally safe and timely manner
  • We know the business from both sides – that of the property owner and insurance property.
  • Finally, ECOS will communicate your needs to the insurance company and act as an advocate for you and your property.

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