How Often Should You Call A Window Cleaning Expert?

Do you clean your windows once a year, twice, or never? Scaly windows in your business or home can have a noticeable impact on the interior. Window cleaning is a big part of maintenance. Many think it can be done easily but the results often demand an expert’s need. Therefore, hiring a window cleaning expert is obviously worth the investment. It saves you time and money. Also, you can keep yourself away from potential injuries when you don’t have proper training or equipment. So, how often should you call these experts to clean the windows of your property?

Window Cleaning Experts for Commercial Properties

For retail spaces and restaurants, it’s good to clean the windows once a month. In these spaces, aesthetic appeal means a lot and thus, getting the windows cleaned by a professional is a smart choice. Even a month can be long enough for windows located near the main entrance. Here, the windows usually get smudged by hand prints and have the chance of accumulating dust and grime. A professional team of window cleaners can assist different types of commercial spaces around Colorado. They can provide you with the appropriate services as required.

Residential Properties

In terms of residential properties, it’s a good rule to call window cleaning experts twice a year. This is enough to keep the windows sparkling clean and prevent deterioration of the panes. If you are living in areas with lots of trees, pollen, or busy streets, consider scheduling cleaning services thrice a year. Remember, based on the frequency of cleaning every year, you may also achieve special discounts and offers from the service providers.

Environmental and Climatic Conditions

Your maintenance plan must include environmental and climatic conditions. Fortunately, Colorado receives sunshine almost 300 days a year. However, the climate here tends to be dry and dusty due to minimal annual precipitation. People usually think that the windows get dirty because of the rainwater. Well, this is not the actual problem. Here, in our state, most windows receive stains from dust, grime, and overall pollution. The level of dirt increases when the window panes face dust and grime just after a spell of a shower.

Fortunately, if you choose to clean the windows professionally, even a light rainstorm will not have a noticeable effect. Let’s make you aware of some common contributors that make your windows dirty:

  • Number of trees and pollen in the vicinity
  • High wind
  • Living nearby busy streets
  • Conduction of remodeling work in your home
  • New construction in the neighborhood

How To Choose The Best Team of Window Cleaning Experts?

Reputed window cleaning experts will be aware of insurance. Working with insured cleaners is always a good choice. Moreover, look for certifications to determine the level of genuineness. Insured and certified cleaners mean a lot if you want to save money and effort. Initially, the charge may be a bit high compared to others but that actually relates to ensuring peace of mind. Also, it means that your windows will be covered from accidental damages probably caused while cleaning them.

Get a Quote before starting

An established and professional team of window cleaning experts will probably come uniformed. Before starting the process of cleaning, they will survey the windows and discuss your requirements. Be sure to ask for a written quote to determine an approximate budget. You are not obliged to hire them only because they have visited your site. Take your time and review the estimate to compare the price quotes with other companies.


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