How to Prevent Radon Emission at Your Home – Radon Mitigation Specialists

The Surgeons General Office and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have estimated that every year approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused by radon emission. Radon is responsible for alpha radiation, the same type of element generated from plutonium sources. A family exposed to radon is susceptible to approximately 35 times the radiation experienced while standing just next to the fence of a radioactive waste site. Therefore, it’s suggested that all homeowners hire a team of certified radon mitigation specialists.

Radon Mitigation Specialists for Colorado Homes

As per the EPA, more than 50% of homes in Colorado have exceeded the safety threshold of radon levels. The state is the 9th most affected significantly because of the soil composition. The soil here is rich in Uranium and radon is one of the products that keeps seeping through the cracks and entering buildings.

After smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon exposure can be dangerous and thus, newly built homes should follow the protocols to reduce the emission. Homeowners can take the help of authorized professionals who can provide radon mitigation services. Older structures are mostly at risk and they should be checked thoroughly.

What is Radon Exactly?

A German physicist, Fredrich Ernst Dorn discovered that radium releases a type of gas. It was radon radioactive gas that has the potential to create cancer in human bodies. It has no color, smell, or taste but can create a havoc mess in your home. If a person is prone to developing cancer if they smoke inside a home that is exposed to radon. Some studies also indicate that children are more sensitive to radon. This is because of the higher respiration and cell division rate.

Radon’s Existence in Nature

Radon gets released from the soil whenever it has a presence of uranium. Out in the open, radon will not cause health damage as it dissipates easily. The situation worsens when radon gets trapped inside closed environments. The level of radon increases as it fails to escape inside homes and other commercial spaces. Furthermore, indoor spaces quickly absorb radon from the soil because of the air pressure difference between the space and soil. It is wise to consider periodical radon mitigation and testing to figure out the radon level in an enclosed space.

Safe Levels of Radon

It is important to ensure the healthy air quality in your home. As per the EPA, the safety level for radon exposure is 4pCi/L. any level above this is considered dangerous to safe living conditions. To check the emission level in your home, you can consult your needs with a team that provides IAQ Testing services.

Even if the emission level is close to the threshold, it is better to contact a specialist who can mitigate radon levels. It is pivotal to check the contamination level of radon whenever you buy a new home in Colorado.

Radon Mitigation Services for Your Home

If are doubtful of the radon levels in your building, immediately call the radon mitigation specialists from ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration. We can thoroughly check your space and help reduce the radon problem. Once the mitigation measures are complete, check the radon level again to determine the baseline of radon existence in your home.

Our experts are always there to ensure safety in your working or living space. We are proud to share our helping hands to keep you safe. Our team works round the clock and thus, you can call us anytime whenever required. Being a disaster restoration specialist team in Colorado, ECOS will visit your site to keep safe as always. Call us at 888-490-1798.

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