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ECOS Experts Can Help Prevent Further Damage To Your Home Or Office Caused By Ice Dams. We Specialize In Restoring Structures Damaged From Ice Dams.  We Have 10+ Years Industry Experience.  Ice Dams occur when melting snow has no where to drain because ice has formed at the edge of your roof.  This ice prevents melting snow from draining into the gutter system or off of your roof shingles.  When water forms but does not drain into the gutter system or off of the roof that is when a potential ice dam problem begins.   This usually occurs when the heat of the home has escaped due to improper insulation.

ECOS sees many ice dam claims in Colorado because the temperatures fluctuate dramatically.  After a heavy snow storm, the snow will begin to melt as the temperature rises during the day.  When temperatures drop below freezing this freeze leads to ice building on top of the gutter or along the edge of the roof.  The next day, heat from inside the home causes more water to form.  The water is not able to travel downward, so the water travels up the roof line into the shingles.  Eventually if the water continues to sit on your roof, then it eventually will enter your property.  It is very important to not have standing water inside your property for an extended period of time.


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ECOS Experts Restore Your home From Ice Dam Damages


Roof Pitch:  The steeper the roof then the less likely ice dams occur at your property.  If your home has low roof pitches, then you should be more concerned about ice dams forming on your home and leading to water damage inside your property.

Bad Idea:   Hiring an inexperienced contractor that uses blunt instruments to try to fix the ice dam problem now but creates more problems later. If your contractor suggests using a blunt instrument such as an ice pick, hammer, etc., then we would strongly suggest that you call ECOS immediately.  This same contractor is more than likely going to remove important segments of your asphalt roof now leading to more costs later.  ECOS receives a lot of customers during the spring that had other contractors “fix” their ice dam problems during the winter.

Good Idea:  Free consultation with ECOS about your property and making sure that ice dams do not damage your property!


Below, we highlight the EPA image for “Best Practice Technology.”  This image is the EPA recommendation on the insulation of your roof to prevent ice dams.



EPA Best Roof Practices
EPA Best Roof Practices











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ECOS Ice Dam Experts Prevent Further Damage To Your Property. We Specialize In Restoring Properties Damaged From Ice Dams. Call ECOS To Repair Your Ice Dam!
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