Keeping Your Outdoor Plumbing Ready For Colorado Summer

Most Coloradans are aware of winter plumbing safety, however, it is also important to maintain the plumbing system for the summer as well. If not, then you have to call the plumbing experts only to increase the expense of maintenance costs. Therefore, it’s always smart to check with some basic plumbing components to prevent an unexpected repair.

Plumbing Tips for Colorado Summer

Check if there is any exposed faucet or pipe: Summers in Colorado are extremely hard when it comes to outdoor plumbing. The pipes outside may be exposed to extreme heat and eventually become susceptible to wear and tear. In the long run, this may lead to serious leaks. Therefore, it’s wise to check all the exposed pipes outside at the very beginning of the summer season.

Inspect the Sprinkler System

If the sprinkler system is damaged, it can lead to increased utility bills and ruin the beauty of the lawn. Make sure to fix the issues as soon as possible because the early summer is the best time for gardening and watering the plants. Hire a plumbing expert if you cannot control things.


Extreme weather condition can crack hoses and their spigots. Do not forget to run your hose before summer arrives and check out for small leaks throughout the stretch of the hose and the spigot.


Gutters are a major problem-creating area and every resident in Colorado knows the importance of gutter cleaning. Also, warm summers in the state often cause sudden flash floods. Hence, a heavy downpour can cause serious damage to your building, especially when it comes to the siding and roofing system. Carefully check the gutter system for probable clogs, cracks, and accumulation of dry leaves. 

Sump Pumps

Some of the new homes in Colorado are equipped with sump pumps to secure the foundation of a building. It helps the foundation from seasonal rains. Therefore, it’s good to check your pump before summer arrives in full swing. This is crucial especially if you are planning to leave for a long vacation.

When do You Need Professional Help from the Plumbing Experts?

There are certain tell-tale signs that indicate you need to call the experts to fix the plumbing system. Top-performing companies offer customer-centric plumbing services that are surely a lot useful during emergencies. So, here are some tips that will help you to understand when to reach for professional assistance.

Loud Sounds

If your water heater creates loud sounds, don’t keep it ignored. It’s pivotal to have it serviced by a professional plumber in Colorado who can handle all types of plumbing systems. Loud noises from the water heater are usually a sign of an emergency. Call the expert team because they are the ones who can get the job done efficiently.

Rusted Pipes

Rusted pipes are common due to years of water flow. If they are not fixed, parts of the pipeline will eventually break down and end up with a leak. Call a plumbing technician who can professionally handle the issues and ensure smooth a plumbing system for your sweet home. Usually, monthly or quarterly maintenance is a good idea for increasing the lifeline of the pipelines.

Need Assistance from An Expert Plumbing Team?

Get in touch with ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration in Colorado. We are a specialized team of plumbers who are efficient in handling all types of plumbing needs. Our servicing areas include Aspen, Denver, Rifle, Boulder, Aurora, and many others. We are an authorized team of plumbers accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Also, we are a damage restoration team working round the clock to ensure healthy living conditions for all Coloradans. We know plumbing from the core as we are experts in delivering water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, critter clean-up services, poop clean-up services, etc. You can call us at 1-888-506-3165 to reach our specialists any time. 

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