Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal:  Call ECOS on 888-990-5067 to remove harmful lead paint from your residual or commercial property.  For over 18 years, we have helped local residents testing and removing lead paint.  Lead is a soft, ductile, dense, malleable metal with poor electrical conductivity. It’s a toxic, naturally occurring element that is present in the earth’s crust. Also, it is resistant to corrosion.

Lead is a powerful neurotoxin. Thus, excessive lead exposure can cause serious health problems and even death.

Effects of short-term Lead Exposure & need for lead paint removal

Over a short period of time, lead poisoning can take place when you get exposed to high levels of lead. Due to the exposure, you may feel weak, tired, and irritable. You can also experience several health issues. It can include memory loss, constipation, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and so on.

Lead exposure can cause serious harm to pregnant women. It can damage the nervous system of the unborn baby. Even, a low level of lead can affect the intelligence and behavior of a developing child. Exposure to lead can lead to stillbirths, miscarriage, and even infertility.

Exposure to lead harms children more than adults. A kid can show the signs of lead poisoning at a lower level than an adult. Lead exposure can cause intellectual disability and neurological effects in children.

Effects of Long-Term Lead Exposure & need for lead paint removal

Due to long-term lead exposure, one can experience abdominal pain, nausea, and so on. It can also cause mental issues like stress, depression, and more.

Prolonged lead exposure can cause heart & kidney disease. It can also pose the risk of high blood pressure, and infertility.

But, these symptoms can also occur due to other health issues. So, it is better to consult your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms. 

Common Sources of Lead Poisoning

There are many common sources of lead exposure. Some of them are as follows:


Lead was used in paint to extend its longevity and improve its ability to hide the surfaces. But, lead paint can pose serious health hazards when it chips and turns into dust. Thus, it can pollute the air and expose you to lead.


Lead dust is one of the most common reasons for lead exposure. Due to the chipping or flaking of lead paint, lead dust gets released into the air. Thus, the contaminated air enters one’s body, causing major health problems.


Lead can release from car exhausts and contaminate the soil, causing exposure. it can occur from battery manufacturing, metal smelting, and factories that use lead. Lead dust gets into the soil and causes lead exposure.


Lead-containing metals in the water supply system can contaminate drinking water over time. Corrosion in older plumbing can also expose drinking water to lead. Drinking lead-contaminated water can put your health at a major risk.


Lead dust can be there in both indoor and outdoor air. Outdoor air can contain lead especially due to industrial sources. Indoor air contains lead mainly due to suspended dust and contaminated outdoor air.

High levels of lead exposure can damage kidneys and the brain. It can cause death too. So, it is better to opt for lead-paint testing and abatement at the earliest. Count on us when you need efficient lead paint testing and abatement services. We aim to provide effective services to protect you from the harmful impact of lead exposure.  Call us at 1.888.990.5067 today.

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