Professional Formaldehyde Contamination Cleanup Services in Colorado

Most bathing products for children are often marketed as safe and gentle to use. However, as per recent research conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, products are naturally contaminated with formaldehyde. It is a chemical that can easily get absorbed by the skin that is widely recognized as a carcinogen that can trigger skin reactions and dermatitis. You should get professional assistance from formaldehyde contamination cleanup services available in Colorado.

Facts on Formaldehyde Contamination

Formaldehyde is usually known for its anti-bacterial and preserving properties. The chemical is used to make a range of products required in the building industry, health care, construction, automotive and other sectors. Formaldehyde is a sensitizing agent that can hamper the immune system upon initial exposure.

Acute exposure can also cause cancer hazards. Too much exposure can cause irritation to the nose, eyes, and throat. Symptoms include coughing and wheezing. Reports say people exposed to formaldehyde can also experience severe allergic eyes and skin reactions. Exposure to this chemical tends to inhibit natural functions in the respiratory tract. Also, ingestion of formaldehyde can be fatal, thereby causing asthma-like respiratory problems.

Formaldehyde Contamination Cleanup Services

It is recommended to use formaldehyde-free products. After all, it is a healthy practice to maintain a quality lifestyle. Make sure to increase the ventilation of your home or office to prevent contamination. Call the experts who can conduct IAQ Testing to determine the level of formaldehyde contamination. Remember to check the HVAC system that extracts bad air from the inside and provides fresh air from the outside through filtering.

A rule of thumb to stay away from formaldehyde exposure is to install air purifiers in your home or office. Initially, it can help a lot by taking away polluted air. There are some approved filters that are known for trapping particle matter from the interior spaces. The devices come with activated carbon filters for reducing the effect of formaldehyde.

Determining the Levels of Formaldehyde Contamination

While there is a traceable amount of formaldehyde present in almost all homes in Colorado, a higher or unsafe level can be found in homes that are newly constructed. Homes that feature new products can also have some level of contamination. These are common in products like cabinets, particle boards, plywood, laminate floors, and others. Basically, those products which are used as preservatives or adhesive building materials. Certain household products and fabrics also contain a higher level of formaldehyde. These are glue, caulk, paint, etc.

You should also become concerned if you or someone in your home smokes tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains formaldehyde. Therefore, smoking generates an unsafe level of formaldehyde in the interior spaces. The contamination level becomes dangerous in newly constructed homes as it gets bolstered with existing products inside. It is better to have your spaces tested by a professional team providing formaldehyde contamination cleanup services.

How to Mitigate the Risk?

Most products release formaldehyde within a span of two years. However, you still cannot count on the dissipating toxin level from your home. Modern houses are equipped with better insulation systems when compared to the past construction method, and this makes it more difficult for the compound to get released outside. Therefore, it’s always recommended to call professionals for formaldehyde contamination cleanup services in Colorado.

Call ECOS to Set Up A Safe Living/Working Space

Whether it’s home or office, let’s set up a space that is completely safe. ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration is teamed up with qualified professionals trained to provide IAQ Testing backed by formaldehyde cleaning services. With years of experience and skills, we are here to help you live a healthier life in Colorado.

Our team is equipped with the latest equipment and devices that ensure safety when it comes to preventing formaldehyde contamination. Your well-being is our utmost priority and we implement all measures that help to maintain the same. We are available round the clock, so reach our experts at – 888.496.6353.

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