Raccoon Feces and Urine Cleanup

Raccoon Urine & Feces Cleanup Colorado

Call ECOS On 888-990-5067 To Hire an experienced Raccoon Cleanup Company. ECOS strongly recommends that commercial clients and homeowners DO NOT touch raccoon feces or urine impacted materials with their bare hands and/or without personal protection equipment (PPE). Raccoon feces in attic insulation should be removed promptly and safely by an experienced professional wearing PPE-Tyvek suits, industry standard gloves/boots, and most importantly, respirators.

Yes, raccoon damage is typically covered by insurance. WHY? Raccoons are not considered rodents and in fact, these animals are members of the bear family believe it or not. This important factoid has given most of our COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL clients complete coverage for raccoon waste damage. Said another way, ECOS has done many raccoon clean up jobs that have been covered by insurance. We do have to state that insurance coverage depends on your carrier and your policy.

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