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Are you getting annoyed by the strong smell after you have installed a new carpet in your home? This is a common scenario for many homeowners in Colorado. This blog is about removing new carpet smells and related information shared by carpet cleaning experts.

This is because of the volatile organic compounds present in the carpet fibers. VOC (volatile organic compounds) can easily get released into the air whenever laid on the ground. These are usually harmless when present in small quantities. However, it’s still good to limit the exposure. Fortunately, this can be done if you follow certain elimination practices to prevent new carpet smells. The first rule of thumb is to call the carpet cleaning experts in Colorado.

These experts are dedicated to cleaning the carpet appropriately and ensuring healthy living conditions.

Is It Harmful To Inhale Carpet Smell?

Yes, volatile organic compounds can be harmful if present in large quantities. Even extended exposure can be a matter of concern. These are generally found in household items like furniture and certain types of cleaning chemicals. Therefore, limiting the exposure to these is a good practice to ensure long-term health in your spaces.

American Lung Association recommends choosing carpets with reduced VOC. These are non-toxic materials and are safe for residential use. It is good to ventilate the area properly and wait for at least 72 hours before starting to live in the space. Some people are more sensitive to VOC and related smells from new furniture pieces. It is better that you call carpet cleaning experts to prevent bad odors.

Superior Experience With Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpet cleaning experts know how to deliver the best and make customers satisfied as per their requirements. They have access to the latest tools and equipment required for proper cleaning. The professionals come with extensive training in carpet cleaning and have hands-on experience. They can easily find the problem after visiting the site and always prefer using safe cleaning products. As a rule of thumb, you can also ask for their recommendations to find out the best quality carpet. The carpet cleaning experts in Colorado come to your site with specialized equipment to ensure better results throughout the space.

Security And Trust Guaranteed

Carpet cleaning experts are subject to industry standards and are pretty aware of proper maintenance. These professionals have a positive reputation in the industry and ensure complete peace of mind. It is for sure that carpets endure constant traffic and receive heavy wear and tear on a regular basis. Carpet flooring is prone to soaking up dirt and allergens. If your carpet contains too much of contaminants, people living around can experience serious health risks.

Hiring The Best Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpet Cleaning Experts use powerful cleaning tools that are industry standard. To extract new carpet smell and hidden dust particles, the professionals use specially designed tools. You can protect your family and pets by cleaning your carpets through a professional cleaning team. 

ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration is here to help you all the way when it comes to proper carpet cleaning in Colorado. Call us at 970-925-3267 to hire the best carpet cleaners in your area. We are a certified team representing expert cleaning technicians with years of experience. Our company is certified under Better Business Bureau and thus, ensure healthy living condition in your home. 

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