Important Facts Of Water Damage Hazards

A house gets flooded due to many reasons. Regardless of the causes, you need to face major problems and that is – becoming the situation worse over time. With the process of cleaning, it’s crucial to be diligent about the potential hazards and safety concerns to prevent the same. These facts about water damage hazards will surely help you learn a lot of things along with increasing the safety of your family and home.

Water Damage Hazards – Disaster For Electricity

It is quite natural that you have to switch on the lights when you clean up the basement. What if you discover that there is a couple of inches of stagnant water covering the floor? Before you come across the water, remember, water is conductive to electricity. Even the smallest amount of water can get electrically charged. With the mess of water damage, you will never want to get electrocuted or injured. Therefore, it’s wise to call the experts who provide restoration works for water damage hazards in Colorado. They are equipped with safety equipment to prevent accidents.

Water Damage Hazards – Promotes Growth Of Mold

Always take the earliest step possible when it comes to water damage control. The slightest delay will make the situation worse. Mold is extremely hazardous to health. All it requires for growth are – moisture, oxygen and organic material (flooring, wall etc). The fact is, mold can start growing in just 24 hours. Also, mold can create an unpleasant and musty odour throughout the home, thereby causing allergies and even asthma. Calling the experts at the earliest will help you to stay away from this situation. If the circumstances compel you to delay the process of cleaning, still it’s smart to call the professionals. The area may not be possible to completely restored, but they can certainly help you with minor renovations to prevent further damage.

Small Cracks Leads To Huge Disaster

Take action whenever you discover small cracks on your basement wall or the pipelines. Even an inch crack can cause problems in the long run. If it is on the wall, an external source of water will tend to seep in and will eventually damage the area in the vicinity. A small fissure on the pipeline can leak gallons of water in a day. Therefore, unattended cracks are the cause of mold growth, huge water bills and large-scale flooding. Experts who are adept in water damage control methods can help you fix the issues in an instant.

Stagnant Water Can Be Biohazard

If your home is flooded through sewage problems, it’s obvious that your space has the existence of biohazards. Even if freshwater strikes in, do not make the mistake of believing that the area is safe. The fact is, contaminants quickly start accumulating even if it is freshwater and thus, cause various health issues. It is better that you call those experts who are equipped with sanitization efforts. Along with complete water damage control, they can help you with the required process of sanitization.

Proceed With The Utmost Safety

Before proceeding in any way, make sure to check the safety standards and possible health hazards. Some of the common problems that are usually associated with are:

  • Gas leaks
  • Electrical hazards
  • Biological and chemical contaminants in the form of residue
  • Structural weakening due to saturated building materials
  • Toxic concentration of mold and spores
  • Dangerous critters and wild animals washed into the structure or took shelter due to immense flooding

It is pivotal that you proceed super-cautiously taking the help of professionals.

The Bottom Line

No one wants to think of water damage repair and the cost associated with the same. Being smart, it is always recommended to take action at the earliest. Take note of the cracks and leaks and repair them accordingly. Especially, if it is a basement, it is better to seal the area properly.

If things are already out of hand, call the ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration experts. We are glad to have a certified and licensed team to deal with your water damage issues. With a bouquet of knowledge and control efforts, we are sure to bring you peace of mind when you need restoration works for water damage, fire damage, asbestos, pest control etc.

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