What To Do After A Commercial Fire Damage?

It’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed after experiencing a fire. When it’s a commercial building, it faces a different kind of challenge that involves mitigation, cleanup, structural repairs, and overall reconstruction. A professional fire damage restoration company can help you to minimize business interruption and losses.

If the hazard has occurred in your workspace, be sure to take the necessary steps to mitigate fire damage. Improper actions often make people traumatized and they feel out of control. In order to return your property to working condition again, meaningful actions are necessary. This also helps in maximizing your insurance settlement.

Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Company Immediately

After fire damage, a company often experiences an impact on employees, customers, and tenants due to inventory loss and business interruption. To minimize this as much as possible, it’s smart to contact a fire damage restoration team in Colorado. They can also help you coordinate between you and the insurance company. They ensure that your property stays safe and protected from additional damage. The professionals are also trained to perform damage cleanup and sanitization. This further ensures that the business can return to working conditions as quickly as possible.

It is better to contact one company that can handle all types of damage restoration that include water damage, mold infestation, smoke damage, etc. because dealing with multiple companies may affect the recovery procedure.

Take Proper Precautions

Do not try to enter the building until the fire department asks you to. Make sure to shut down the electricity line and main water supply to the building. The fire breakout can damage all of these systems. Let the professionals examine them properly before turning them on.

Once you are able to enter, be aware of the toxic materials left behind by the fire. The smoke caused by fire can have traces of toxic chemicals and ash that are dangerous. If these come in contact with your skin, eyes, and/or mouth, you can experience serious health issues. If you are about to do anything inside the building, make sure to wear proper gear like gloves, and respiration masks to perform the tasks.

Additional Fire Damage to Consider

An insurance company will only cover damage expense that has been caused by the disaster itself. Any damage occurring post-fire will not be counted. As per the insurance companies, this is a sign of negligence. For example, if your windows are not covered properly and there is a storm, the additional damage caused is an attribution of the open windows.

To prevent such hassles, you can use boards to cover the doors and windows. If you have holes in your roof consult with the professionals to provide roof tarping. This will protect the elements and prevent vandals from entering the building. A certified and authorized fire damage restoration company can provide professional assistance all the way to safeguard your property while you claim for insurance.


It is pivotal to thoroughly document the process of restoration and cleaning so that you can provide the same to the insurance company. This includes taking pictures and saving other receipts. This information is certainly valuable when claiming your insurance. If you are smart enough, consider making a before-after video or photo of everything under your ownership. It becomes difficult to discover the originality once the damage has already been done.

Final Thoughts

As per the reports, most businesses never reopen after a disaster. Even if some manage to recover, 10% of them fail within a couple of years after the disaster had struck. Save your property before it’s too late. Call the professionals from ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration. We are an accredited team of fire damage restorers who operate round the clock to put everything safe and secure. You can call us at 888-490-1798 for complete assistance required for Content Monitoring & Safeguarding, Fire Damage Cleaning, Smoke Damage Cleaning, and Emergency Board Up Service.

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