Why Fire Damage Cleaning Should Be Done Only By Professionals?

A fire can certainly be the most difficult and shattering experience that can occur within your home. No matter what the size of the fire is, the damage can easily spread throughout the building. Direct contact from the flames and even heat can damage the property. Also, materials can be etched and tarnished through soot and smoke and therefore, immediate, and proper cleaning is pivotal.

So, let’s discuss what are the probable actions to take when a fire has occurred. Proper and right actions can protect your property and limit the spread of damage.

Follow What The Firefighters Have To Say

The firefighters, usually after visiting the site, explain the situation of your house and suggest what to do next. They will also let you know the extent of fire, smoke and damage. Sometimes the water used for extinguishing the fire can also cause damage to the property. So, whatever it is, be sure to be attentive to their advice and take action accordingly.

Importance of Fire Damage Cleaning

Unfortunately, the dangers of a fire hazard don’t sway away once the flames are off. The smoke and soot were left behind enough to proceed with the damage. Exposed fire-damaged materials can cause serious problems to our health. Therefore, fire damage cleaning has special significance after the firefighters leave the site.

Soot is bound to form in your home because it’s quite natural to have wood, textiles, foam, plastic and other materials in the vicinity. The soot is formed from toxic materials which don’t burn completely. Technically, it is a product of a chemical reaction caused by the fire’s high heat.

A proper clean-up process can help you get rid of this harmful soot. It is said, that the health effects of smoke and soot stay there for years. It’s smart to leave the site to the experts who can provide professional fire damage cleaning services.

Requirement Of Special Equipment

A dust mask and a bottle of degreaser aren’t enough when it comes to the fire damage clean-up process. It is not possible to simply wipe away the soot. Deep cleaning is sometimes required to properly eliminate the residual odours. Professional tools are along with proper knowledge to perform the cleaning techniques. These are the basics of safe fire restoration.

Also, smoke-damaged clothing in the washer can sometimes increase the extent of damage and leave burnt odours forever. Do not forget to leave the clothing inside the washer or it will be a major consideration in terms of appliance expense.

Fire Damage Cleaning Can Be Lengthy

Restoring the home after a fire isn’t that easy. You may have salvageable goods and finding them in bulk can be time-consuming. Fire damage cleaners can be experts in minimising loss through proper restoration techniques. Also, the clean-up itself takes a lot of time as the structure of the site may require to be fixed. Along with these come the insurance claims and the overall financial impact.

It’s better that you don’t follow the approach of DIYers and leave the job to the professionals. Even if the cleaning process is lengthy, knowledgeable experts can at least increase the rate of recovery through recommended practices. On the contrary, performing fire damage cleaning without the help of a professional team can be detrimental.


Due to a fire in your property, you may lose a lot more than just a property. Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get back on your feet after facing such an ordeal. Fire damage restoration experts are always there to help you. One of them is the Environmental & Disaster Restoration team in Colorado.

We have the knowledge and ability to restore your property as quickly as possible. We have more than 10 years of experience and often the name of our company becomes a recommended choice during a fire. Our experts are skilled in all types of restoration works including water damage, asbestos removal, pest control and many.

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