Why Should You Choose a Professional for IAQ and Mold Testing?

Do you know that mold can cause structural damage in your home and develop serious health problems for the residents? It is not necessary that mold is bound to grow in open areas. Insulation areas and air conditioners are highly prone to mold spores. Experts suggest getting help from a professional removal team that provides IAQ and Mold Testing services.

The Requirement of IAQ and Mold Testing

If the air ducts or air conditioning units are contaminated, the air will get circulated throughout the area in your home. This is how mold spores spread and cause health problems. Mold flourishes in areas like drywalls or any hidden spaces within attics or basements. Mold exposure can cause serious illness like asthma, fungal infections, allergies, and flare-ups. If you are looking for a new home or suspect mold buildup in your house, make sure to conduct IAQ and Mold Testing with the help of experts.

The experts can quickly determine the severity of mold buildup and find out the areas even if they are hidden. It is better if you can hire a company that is BBB Accredited. Be sure to receive prompt services from trained and certified specialists.

How IAQ and Mold Testing Specialists Can Help?

  • Minimizing the exposure

Initial mold infestation may not create a major problem, but when it spreads throughout the area, it becomes toxic. Toxic mold can cause chronic inflammatory response syndrome which has multiple symptoms that impact the skin, lungs, heart, and central nervous system. Through professional IAQ and Mold Testing, the inspectors will easily find out the areas of infestation. With new-age technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, they can isolate the areas with traces of toxic mold. Once they are found, the removal specialists will work accordingly to reduce exposure.

  • Thoroughly treating the existing issues

The mold removal team is specialized in this sector and the professionals know how to thoroughly treat the areas in your home or office to create a clean and healthy space. Utilizing their experience and efficiency, you can find out the areas that causing mold buildup. This problem usually arises due to the presence of extra moisture in your property. So, these issues will be checked and resolved by the experts. If not, mold can again buildup in any space even after treating the surface. As a rule of thumb, the team will be using industry-standard procedures like humidity control, sealing off the cracks and crevices, removing the mold physically, and decontaminating the areas later.

  • Preventing further growth of mold

Improper treatment and removal process can leave behind mold spores and therefore, the problem will continue to exist. With the help of a professional team, you can not only treat the areas but also achieve professional knowledge on how to use and maintain the spaces to prevent further growth. Basically, they leave your space mold-free by treating the areas from the core. Some professionals may also recommend using industry-approved solutions to prevent further mold buildup.

Wrapping Up…

IAQ and Mold Testing is our specialization at ECOS Environment and Disaster Restoration. Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) can occur due to various reasons. The probable causes are mold buildup, asbestos, smoke, and many others. Whatever the reason may be, reach our experts in no time and let us know the problem.

Our experts at ECOS Environment and Disaster Restoration will reach the spot and inspect thoroughly to find the right solution based on the scenario. We are a specialized team, of damage control and restoration caused due to natural calamities, fire hazards, water accumulation, and pests. Located in Colorado, our servicing areas include Aspen, Boulder, Denver, Grand Junction, Rifle, and more. Feel free to get in touch at 888-375-3267 and we’ll be happy to serve you.

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