Mold Removal

All You Need to Know About Mold Removal & Indoor Air Quality

Do you know that sometimes the air inside can be more polluted than outside? Yes, this happens! We love spending quality time inside and that is why it is essential to maintain healthy air quality inside your building. If you are doubtful of the quality, consider hiring the experts who provide indoor air quality testing. The process involves inspecting and measuring the contaminants to ensure healthy living conditions. The professionals are also trained to conduct mold removal services.

Common Indoor Pollutants

The most common indoor pollutants include pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and other particulates. So, what are the benefits of improving your indoor air quality?

Improved Health

We are always concerned about our health and so this point tops the list of benefits. Poor air quality can make the space prone to various problems like respiratory issues, tiredness, headaches, and more. Mold build-up can even worsen the situation.

Increased Comfort

The comfort level of occupants is also crucial. Improper indoor air quality can lead to uncomfortable and stuffy environments. This further affects productivity and satisfaction with the space.  

Reduced Pollution

Do you know, poor air quality can also impact people outside the building? Poor ventilation causes the pollutants to get trapped and this leads to potential health risks for people living in the vicinity. Regular cleaning and indoor air quality maintenance through IAQ testing and mold removal services can help you protect the environment.

Reduced Risk of Fire

Good air quality is pivotal to reducing the risk of fire. Poor air quality leads to the accumulation of combustible particles and this increases the chances of fire. Good ventilation and airflow will prevent fire from occurring.

Mold Removal Services to Prevent Health Threats

Stachybotrys Chartarum is a molded strain that is considered to be the most insidious type among all mold types. It is called Toxic Black Mold and has the ability to make people sick. It typically causes coughing, sneezing, wheezing, headaches, and watery eyes. These symptoms can be more severe if left untreated for a longer period. This type of mold causes a larger impact because it has the potency of mycotoxins.

Toxic black mold can cause memory loss, fatigue, and an inability to focus. These symptoms keep worsening over time. Sometimes chronic inflammation conditions can develop and it can get so bad that inhabitants need to seek medical attention. Some are even required hospitalization.

What to Do If You Have Mold in Your Home?

Initially, you can wipe off mold from the surface and disinfect the area with a typical cleaner that contains hydrogen peroxide or any oxygenating compound. However, if mold infestation is significant, so it’s best to call the professionals who provide mold removal services. They know the right cleaning techniques. They employ state-of-the-art tools and methods to properly eliminate mold infestation from your interior.

Also, the cleaners they use are effective against mold yet safe for the building materials and pets. Remember, untrained individuals equipped with consumer-grade equipment can only disturb the active mold and fail to eradicate it properly. This causes mold colonies to spread to other parts of the home. Improper cleaning may also spread an excessive amount of mold spores in the air which can compel your pets and family members to fall sick.


If you are irritated with mold infestation or poor air quality in your home, reach ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration. We are a specialized team of mold removalists serving people in various parts of Colorado for more than 12 years. Call our experts now before the situation worsens. Call 888-496-6353 for a fast response time which saves you time and money.

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