Mold Testing

ECOS is Your Local Mold Testing & Removal Company

Got Mold? Call ECOS on 888-990-5067 for fast response time which saves you time and money. Please call ECOS For Safe & Reliable Mold Removal Service. Our Company Has Been Removing Mold For Over 16 Years! Top 5 Reasons To Hire ECOS For Your Mold Removal Project:

  1. Live Operator To Discuss Your Project 24 Hours A Day 365 Days A Year
  2. 16 year Proven Track Record Successfully Handling Mold Removal Projects
  3. Great and Friendly Team Of IICRC Certified Mold (AMRT) Technicians
  4. ECOS Saves You Time & Money Using Safe Mold Removal Products
  5. Insurance Friendly….

ECOS works extremely well with all insurance companies. Many insurance companies have caps or limits on mold damage coverage. Our goal is to eliminate any out of pocket expenses when returning your property back to safe living conditions.

ECOS has a live operator on call 24 hours a day. Call 888-990-5067 for fast response time which saves you time and money. ECOS has been cleaning up mold for over 16 years. Call ECOS now before the mold removal project gets bigger because mold spores can grow fast costing you time and money. ECOS can remove mold in your attic, bathroom, basement, or kitchen safely and quickly.

Understanding Black Mold and Its Dangers

black mold removal
Black Mold isn’t just one of those words that seem scary but are actually perfectly fine. The mold is actually very dangerous, whether it is present in a home or in an office, the mold can cause severe harm and even make people sick. It can affect your family, employees, and pets. However, the problem is that mold can commonly grow in damp areas and can prove to be very dangerous even when it’s just starting to grow.

  • How the black mold spreads:

Black mold spreads through any environment because it does so through tiny little spores that can’t be seen. Read more