Dark Spots On Your Carpet

Dark spot on carpets

What Those Dark Areas In Front of Your Sofa Mean for Your Carpet

It is very possible that by now you may have noticed that sometimes, around the sofas, the carpet may be slightly discolored in such a way that there would be a dark stain right there. Sometimes, it can seem that the stain can be simply washed away when your carpet is cleaned next, but other times the problem can be a little more complicated than that.

A clean may or may not remove the dark area:

It is not very easy to say whether or not cleaning out the carpet will restore it to the way it was. This is because this may be a result of the inhabitants of the house wearing their shoes inside the house, as a result dragging in all the mud and dirt from outside.

Even if the shoes are cleaned on a mat before entering, not all of the dirt and soil is removed. The tiny, minute particles of the soil get caught under the shoe, and end up being deposited wherever you go on the carpet. As long as the shoes keep rubbing on the carpet, they will deposit some of the soil and dirt there. This can severely damage the carpet, as the fibers of the carpet nay start to show signs of fading away.

Why the patch can seem to be darker than the rest:

The fibers inside your carpets are made to be smooth and reflective, so they can look refined as the final product. This is why when the fibers are covered with other materials, such as dirt, little reflection takes place and there is a ‘dark’ or faded appearance on the carpet. This is essentially what is happening in this case, as the fibers are becoming damaged when they are rubbed with dirty shoes.

The problem becomes even more pronounced when the dirt from your everyday work adds in and creates an even bigger mess. This doesn’t just look bad when it comes to appearances, it also makes the fibers undergo severe potentially permanent damages. This can even happen as a result of fiber exposure to other footwear such as slippers with black soles. The sole rubs off onto the fibers, causing them to become darkened because of the constant rubbing.

The times when nothing can be done to save the carpet:

As a result of continuous exposure to the dirt and dust that is brought into the home with shoes, carpets can fall victim to a certain kind of ‘in ground’ soil. This is the soil that ends up being placed continuously in one position, resulting in permanent and deeply embedded stains that can prove extremely difficult to remove. Unfortunately, in such a case, more often than not, the carpet cannot be repaired.

This fault does not arise as a result of the lack of expertise or lack of correct tools. It’s just that that particular kind of carpet cannot be cleaned using that particular cleaner or cleaning tool. This is why it is important for you to take care of your carpet and avoid exposing it to dirt from shoes. The best way to do this is to remove shows before you step on it. Not only will this keep things clean, it will also save you from stubborn dark patches.

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