Did you know your dirty Carpet could be a Potential Health Risk?

Investing in a property is serious commitment. The real work as a property owner begins after you have bought a house or an apartment. Regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial if you want the property to not only hold its current market value, but also increase in value as markets expand. One of the most important aspects of property maintenance revolves around carpet cleaning in particular.

What Lurks Beneath your Carpet?

Carpeting is not just a ‘’put it and forget it’’ kind of feature. If you don’t pay attention to proper and timely carpet cleaning, the overall comfort and monetary value of your property will definitely suffer. Remember, flooring of any kind is an investment for you the property owner. However, if care is not taken, it can give rise to health concerns. Allergens can lead to serious health issues which impact both humans and pets. And if your flooring is affected by allergens, excess moisture and dirt, it literally transforms into an active breeding ground for all kinds of germs and cultivation. Most of this happens on a micro level so the affect is not visible to the naked eye. This kind of damage can quickly spread to other areas of your house and office such as the furniture and walls. However, with proper cleaning, allergens in the environment can definitely be reduced which in turn can effectively lower the health risk they present.

Carpeting Care for Property Owners

Regular vacuuming is definitely one of the best ways of keeping your carpeting clean. However, simple vacuuming is not enough to take care of deep grime which collects over time. It is then that you need to call in a professional service to help you. Today carpet-care is an advanced area of property maintenance.   Carpet-care has grown both technology wise and methodology wise.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire professionals – a fully certified carpet cleaning technician who is trained and educated on proper carpet-care techniques. Carpet-care professionals use extensive vacuuming techniques which can clean out deep grime. They also are trained in taking care of carpet dents that spoil the look of a carpet and can lead to pre-mature snag and tear. Finally, old carpets develop snags that just look ungainly and if they are not taken care of, then the carpet is worse for wear and tear.

Complete maintenance preferably by an IICRC certified carpet-care professional should be carried out every 12-18 months. A professional on the scene is also your best source for tips and ideas on better carpet-care. They can also advice you on what kind of vacuum to use, the frequency of cleaning, and the use of cleaners for topical damage etc. As mentioned earlier in the post, if your flooring is damaged and or not maintained on a regular basis, it can become the breeding ground for bacteria and other organic-based health risks.  However, by opting for a professional carpet-care cleaning service, you are assured of complete sanitation and results which stay longer.

There is no compromising with healthcare for you and your family. So if you feel your flooring needs a clean-up, then this might be a good time to call up a professional carpet-care service company.


Dark Spots On Your Carpet

Dark spot on carpets

What Those Dark Areas In Front of Your Sofa Mean for Your Carpet

It is very possible that by now you may have noticed that sometimes, around the sofas, the carpet may be slightly discolored in such a way that there would be a dark stain right there. Sometimes, it can seem that the stain can be simply washed away when your carpet is cleaned next, but other times the problem can be a little more complicated than that.

A clean may or may not remove the dark area:

It is not very easy to say whether or not cleaning out the carpet will restore it to the way it was. This is because this may be a result of the inhabitants of the house wearing their shoes inside the house, as a result dragging in all the mud and dirt from outside.

Even if the shoes are cleaned on a mat before entering, not all of the dirt and soil is removed. The tiny, minute particles of the soil get caught under the shoe, and end up being deposited wherever you go on the carpet. As long as the shoes keep rubbing on the carpet, they will deposit some of the soil and dirt there. This can severely damage the carpet, as the fibers of the carpet nay start to show signs of fading away.

Why the patch can seem to be darker than the rest:

The fibers inside your carpets are made to be smooth and reflective, so they can look refined as the final product. This is why when the fibers are covered with other materials, such as dirt, little reflection takes place and there is a ‘dark’ or faded appearance on the carpet. This is essentially what is happening in this case, as the fibers are becoming damaged when they are rubbed with dirty shoes.

The problem becomes even more pronounced when the dirt from your everyday work adds in and creates an even bigger mess. This doesn’t just look bad when it comes to appearances, it also makes the fibers undergo severe potentially permanent damages. This can even happen as a result of fiber exposure to other footwear such as slippers with black soles. The sole rubs off onto the fibers, causing them to become darkened because of the constant rubbing.

The times when nothing can be done to save the carpet:

As a result of continuous exposure to the dirt and dust that is brought into the home with shoes, carpets can fall victim to a certain kind of ‘in ground’ soil. This is the soil that ends up being placed continuously in one position, resulting in permanent and deeply embedded stains that can prove extremely difficult to remove. Unfortunately, in such a case, more often than not, the carpet cannot be repaired.

This fault does not arise as a result of the lack of expertise or lack of correct tools. It’s just that that particular kind of carpet cannot be cleaned using that particular cleaner or cleaning tool. This is why it is important for you to take care of your carpet and avoid exposing it to dirt from shoes. The best way to do this is to remove shows before you step on it. Not only will this keep things clean, it will also save you from stubborn dark patches.

4 Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes to Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Mistakes In Carpet Cleaning:  Anyone can tell you that keeping the carpets clean in your home or your office is one of the most important things. Not only does it help maintain the hygiene, it also makes sure that anyone who is exposed to the carpet, such as family members or important clients and employees, is kept safe. Cleaning the carpet helps you reduce any and all chances of growing molds and creating homes for dust mites. However, it is also important to remember that carpet cleaning requires professional; technique, and it’s important to avoid mistakes that can seriously harm. Read more