Environmental Spill Vail, Colorado

Environmental Spill

Why Choose ECOS for your Environmental Spill?

  • Live Operator 24 hours a Day, 7 days a week including holidays
  • Strong Safety Record
  • Experienced Environmental Team
  • Quickest Response Time In Colorado
  • Competitive Rates
  • Safety Program



ECOS Environmental Spill Response team is dedicated to helping your company contain any spill no matter the size or time of day. ECOS specializes in emergency response. ECOS does not use answering services; thus, when you call you will speak with an Owner, General Manager, or Senior Branch Manager during dispatch.


ECOS will evaluate every site and access the site in the least disturbing way while facilitating a safe work environment. ECOS Environmental Spill Response team prioritizes safety in the following way: first the safety of people is considered, second the safety of the environment is considered and third the safety of equipment/property is considered.

2015 Safety Record = Zero Work Related Injuries:


A prime example of ECOS’s commitment to safety is demonstrated by the fact that, with an average of 28 employees that worked 63,837 hours in 2015, we had zero (0) work related injuries or illnesses, which can be seen on our OSHA Form 300 A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.


The ECOS senior managers that would be dispatched to the environmental spill are very experienced handling spills and responding to them. Our Environmental Spill Response team will make sure that the spill in contained and prevent it from harming your workers or doing additional damage to our environment. Everyone is 40 hr Hazwoper trained & certified to do the job efficiently.


ECOS has offices and professionals strategically located in several Mountain towns near the major highways and we are therefore able to dispatch our Environmental Spill Response team quicker than competitors responding from metropolitan cities. Hazmat trailers are ready to respond with materials and equipment to mobilize fast to the scene of the environmental spill.

Our Glenwood Springs Environmental Spill Team responds from:

6690 Highway 82

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Our Grand Junction Environmental Spil Team Responds From:

784 Valley Court – Unit D

Grand Junction, CO 81505

Our Steamboat Environmental Spil Team Responds From:

1920 Bridge Lane Unit #8

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


ECOS has established relationships with several national companies that specialize in environmental spills. ECOS is regularly dispatched by these firms to handle environmental spills for their large clients. ECOS has worked with these firms to develop a rate sheet that is extremely competitive. In fact, many of our rates are lower than our larger competitors that would respond from metropolitan cities. Our office would be more than happy to provide you with our rate sheet in the event that you need to hire a company to provide environmental spill services. Please contact Matt, Kathy or Marla on 970-945-4407 in order to receive a rate sheet from our company.


ECOS Environmental Response Team always follows its health and safety program guidelines and approaches each project with safety in mind. This will continue to be our core focus as we work together with your company in the event that you have a spill in Colorado that requires emergency response.

After careful consideration for safety of each job, ECOS always analyzes the best approach towards completing the Environmental Response job in a timely manner and in the most cost effective way. ECOS has always tried to minimize the impact of our work on the environment in the community, especially in disaster cleanup situations, and will continue to have this goal in mind as we partner with your company.

ECOS believes in the power of “we” and seeks the input of all people involved, especially the client. Communication is very important to ECOS and as we engage in this partnership, ECOS will strive to constantly communicate internally and with contacts you specify at your company because ECOS knows this is necessary to ensure that everyone stays informed about each phase of the Environmental Spill Response from beginning to end.

ECOS Environmental Spill Team Responds To Capitol Creek Fuel Spill

EPA Website – Reporting Environmental Spills

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