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BEST Environmental Spill Services | Steamboat Springs Colorado

Call ECOS On 970-879-3267 To Hire Steamboat’s BEST Environmental Spill Team. Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire ECOS For Your Environmental Spill:

• Live Operator & Always Senior Manager
• Great Safety Record
• Great Environmental Team
• Quick Response From Steamboat office
• Extremely Competitive Rates
• Excellent Safety Program

LIVE OPERATOR WILL BE AN OWNER OR SENIOR MANAGER: ECOS Environmental Spill Response team is dedicated to helping your company contain any spill no matter the size or time of day. ECOS specializes in emergency response. ECOS does not use answering services; thus, when you call you will speak with an Owner, General Manager, or Senior Branch Manager during dispatch.

STRONG SAFETY RECORD: ECOS will evaluate every site and access the site in the least disturbing way while facilitating a safe work environment. ECOS Environmental Spill Response team prioritizes safety in the following way: first the safety of people is considered, second the safety of the environment is considered and third the safety of equipment/property is considered.

Roof Tarping Colorado

Roof Tarp Emergency Service in Colorado

Roof tarps are a lifesaver! They shield your exposed roof from rain, snow, and wind, preventing minor issues from turning into major problems (and expensive repairs). They can even be required by your homeowner’s insurance for full coverage after a storm.

But here’s the catch: installing a tarp incorrectly can actually make things worse. Walking on your roof is dangerous at the best of times, especially after a storm when everything might be wet, slippery, or damaged. One wrong step could land you in the emergency room, not to mention causing further damage to your already stressed roof.

The good news? Hiring a roofer to install your tarp is quick and easy. And here’s a bonus: since they’ll already be up there fixing things, they might be more likely to fit you into their schedule for a full repair sooner rather than later.

Ditch the do-it-yourself dream and call in the professionals. Your roof (and your wallet) will thank you for it. In the meantime, this blog will explain what a professional tarp installation looks like so you’re well-informed.

Reasons To Hire ECOS as Your Roof-Tarp Service Provider

Call ECOS at 888-990-5067 to hire our highly-rated team of professionals servicing local communities. Every customer who calls ECOS is guaranteed to reach a live operator. Our live operator will be an owner or a senior manager to make sure you get exceptional customer service. They will organize a prompt response so they can arrive at your property quickly. As a part of our roof tarp services, we offer the following:

  • Comprehensive damage assessment of the structure and contents
  • Full or Partial Roof Tarping
  • Secure and Enclose all Openings
  • Insured and Bonded
  • We Always Guarantee High-Quality Work
  • Before and After Photographs for Insurance Purposes Showing Initial Damage and Tarped Roof
  • Required Paperwork by the Insurance is Provided for Customer Reimbursement of Paid Services

At ECOS, we offer competitive prices for our customers. The ECOS team can tarp any damaged roof quickly, efficiently, and safely, thanks to their 24/7 access to high-quality materials and supplies.

The Environmental Hazard That Is Hoarding

Judging by the popularity of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, many of us have too much clutter in our homes. For about 2%-6% of the population, however, the clutter interferes with daily living.

Hoarding is now a recognized mental health disorder, in which a person accumulates excessive possessions and feels distress when parting with them. We have begun to recognize the emotional impacts of hoarding, but it’s important that we also think about how hoarding affects the environment.

Hoarding is a Community Health Issue

Hoarding can affect the air quality within a home. Many times, so much clutter builds up that it becomes impossible to properly clean. Irritants such as mold, dust, ammonia, and pet dander increase to unhealthy levels. That can lead to breathing problems for people who live in or visit the home.

The buildup of trash, food, and filth invites pests into the home. Fleas, rats, bedbugs, roaches, and the like may infest the property. The crowded conditions also make extermination more challenging.

Hoarding of all types can create exposure to disease, but animal hoarding is of particular concern. In such cases urine, feces, and sometimes even dead animals build up in the home. Diseases and parasites can spread to humans and become a threat to everyone in the area.

People who hoard often live in unhealthy conditions, with malfunctioning heating and cooling systems or broken appliances. They are too embarrassed to call a professional to help, so the situation only gets worse.

Emergencies and Disasters

Hoarding directly causes some emergencies. It may also prevent first responders from being able to help residents during an emergency or disaster. Additionally, hoarding puts neighbors at risk when it occurs close to other homes or apartments.

Hoarding creates a risk of fire due to clutter coming in contact with heat sources. Once a fire starts, the amount of flammable material causes it to burn hot and spread quickly. Burning materials may also release toxic fumes. Blocked pathways make it difficult for firefighters to enter the home. Residents also have trouble escaping, so many occupants die in such fires.

The weight of hoarded objects may weaken the structural integrity of the buildings that store them. Many homes are simply not designed to hold a lot of heavy things, like furniture and books. Spilled liquids, leaking roofs, or broken pipes may also damage the home. Over time, that can cause the building to collapse.


Obviously, all that stuff has to go somewhere. The objects that were hoarded impact the environment whether a home is cleaned out, lost to fire, or collapses. Rotting food releases methane gas. Plastic takes a very long time to break down. It is filling our oceans. Smoke from fires releases toxins and carbon dioxide. Improper sanitation may lead to contamination of water and soil. In short, hoarding affects us all.

We need a clean environment inside and outside of our homes to be healthy. It is in our best interests to address hoarding, but it must be done with care and compassion. Simply throwing away everything in a hoarder’s home will not solve the problem. Doing so without permission may ruin your relationship. It will always cause distress. In fact, the experience can be so traumatic, it is thought to have led to the death of some people.

If you or your loved ones need help with hoarding, give Ecos Environmental and Disaster Restoration a call. We will work with the family, therapist, and person suffering from hoarding. You can trust us to treat you with respect and compassion. We’ll discretely restore your property to a safe environment.

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Weather damage to property

How To Claim Insurance From Weather Damage To Your Property

Water damage, winter storms and spring thaws cause weather damage to your property. How do you file a claim due to that loss appropriately?

In 2015, winter storms led to about $3.5 billion in insured claim losses. Weather patterns shift, and increasingly, bring harsh conditions to areas that didn’t experience a severe level of weather activity previously. The good news is that most homes and businesses are properly insured and can receive coverage and compensation for losses through their insurance company.

Insurance Claims and Weather-Related Loss

Weather-related loss can occur in many ways. The most frequent causes of weather damage include:

  • Water damage
  • Sudden thaws leading to floods
  • Roof damage
  • Hail damage
  • Fallen trees
  • Freezing pipes
  • Sewer backup
  • Wind damage
  • Displacement caused by power failure

Your insurance company should cover most of these types of weather damage. However, your insurance company does not typically cover flood damage. Thus, you need to look into obtaining national flood insurance in the future, and the FEMA website offers a great resource for research.

In the event of liability, your home insurance typically covers liability. One of your first steps should involve contacting your insurance company, even when you think you are not at fault. So, don’t try to resolve the issue yourself. You pay the insurance company to help you in times like these.

Your insurance company also has relationships with emergency contractors and clean-up experts who can step in to help you resolve the issue quickly and safely. ECOS Environmental has years of experience in doing just that. We can help you document the damage and repair through every step of the claim process.

Document and Prevent Further Damage

Waiting for the insurance company to step in? You still have a responsibility to prevent further damage to the property.

It’s normal to feel anxious and want to get started immediately. First, look around and access. Start taking photos, videos and notes about what you notice on your property. Where has damage occurred? What are the dates and times involved? What is the value of damaged materials and electronics in your home? Do you know the date of purchase? Keep track of receipts and records of any money spent.

The where, what, when and why becomes important as the insurance company reviews the claim. This scenario is where restoration and clean-up experts like ECOS Environmental really shine and offer support. When weather damage follows an emergency, our crews often reach the site faster than the insurance company can.

Keeping Up With Your Weather Damage Claim

Always contact your insurance company any time you notice weather damage or are accused of responsibility for damage to another’s property. Access and document the damage, gathering information. Additionally, keep a claim log about who you speak to regarding the damage, noting the status, date and time. Note every contact.

So, always check with your insurance provider before throwing out damaged items. Take photos before discarding if your municipality requires you to get rid of damaged materials for safety. This documentation process will also help you when it comes time to submit an inventory to the insurance company.

Sign up for text alerts from your insurance provider, so you can keep up with the status of your weather damage claim. This step will help you keep track of when an estimate becomes available or when a payment is issued.

Your home insurance policy should offer you the best possible coverage and support your best interests. Consequently, don’t take on extensive costs that you hold no responsibility for or cause more damage by resolving the issue yourself.

Always go through the proper channels. Contact ECOS Environmental to make sure every step in the claims and clean-up process is impeccably handled. You will come out on top safely, more informed and save more money.

Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup

Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup

Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup

For over 14 years, ECOS professionals have helped local authorities with Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup.  ECOS professionals are caring, discreet, and have a lot of experience in crime scene trauma cleanup.  For example, ECOS recently completed a high profile project in Denver.  Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) cleared this commercial project with the owner on site with our team.  Below, we give the top reasons why you should hire ECOS:

  1. Live Owner or Senior Manager On Call 24/7 To Dispatch ECOS professionals
  2. ECOS Professionals Have Over 14 Years Experience in Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup
  3. Our professionals Are Certified
  4. We Focus Heavily On The Health & Safety Of Your Environment
  5. ECOS Is Available To Do Emergency Projects (Monday through Sunday)
  6. We Can Provide References Upon Request
  7. Strong Safety Record
  8. ECOS uses state of the art green technology to do the Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup
  9. We take photos of the entire process to enable the policy holder and adjuster to understand why the removal of some structural materials was required, what was disposed, and why ECOS employees had to use certain protective equipment.
  10. ECOS professionals Have Been Screened With A Background Check


ECOS has office locations through out Colorado.  Do You Need Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup Services In Denver, Colorado?  We are Located @ 3538 Peoria St. Suite 507, Aurora, Colorado 80010.  In Boulder, please call 303-442-3267 to reach our Boulder office located at 4525 N. Broadway, Boulder Colorado 80304.  If we need our services in Colorado Springs, then please call 719-634-3267.  Generally speaking, ECOS provides Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup Servicess from these 8 offices locations (In Alphabetical Order):

  1. Aspen, Colorado – 401 Aspen Airport Business Center Aspen Colorado 81611
  2. Aurora, Colorado: 3538 Peoria Street Suite 507 Aurora, Colorado 80010
  3. Boulder, Colorado:  4525 N. Broadway Boulder Colorado 80304
  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado:  We Are Moving Locations
  5. Denver Colorado:  14175 East 42nd Street Suite 60 Denver Colorado 80239
  6. Glenwood Springs, Colorado:  6690 Highway 82 Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601
  7. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: 1920 Bridge Lane #8a Steamboat Springs 80487
  8. Vail, Colorado:  616 W. Lionshead Circle Suite 300-G Vail, CO 81657

…we are a local company but can also be reached using our toll free phone number: 888-375-3267


Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup Photo

What Is Crime scene trauma cleanup? Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup generally involves the cleanup of blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious material (OPIM). It is necessary in places related to homicides, suicides, and body decomposition and may include cases of industrial accidents, mass trauma, infectious disease contamination and animal biohazard contamination (from blood or feces).  If done properly, the overall cleanup process is the way in which a contaminated site is restored to a safe and healthy living condition.

Why Do You Need a Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup Contractor?  Typically, most people associate Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup with the occurrence of a violent crime. However, contrary to popular opinion, this cleanup process covers accidents and suicides, both of which require the expertise and equipment of an experienced professional.  In many respects, a general cleaning company is not suited to thoroughly clean up after biohazards.  It is only a professional Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup contractor that can do full justice to such a scene. 

1. Possibility of Health Risks
Biohazard situations resulting from a crime scene often pose serious health risks stemming from potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. These pathogens can survive in a deceased human being or animal for up to 16 days after death, subject to factors like the temperature and surrounding environment. Exposure to bloodborne viruses can take place due to direct contact with skin fragments, inhalation of and exposure to blood or bio fluid (to the eyes, mouth, and nose), and accidental injury from other biological fragments.

2. Possibility of Hidden Threats
Biohazard situations can also cause hidden dangers, which may be beyond the consideration of the average property restoration technician. Take an example of water damage emergency. Due to the outwardly visible damage, the drywall and floor boards will likely be removed. The remaining structures can eventually be dried out. However, blood can seep in through the floorboards and even the subflooring. In such cases, the only way to facilitate cleanup is by removing all affected materials. It is not enough to simply install new wood floors over a blood spillage or wipe the tiles. The remaining bio matter can spread disease eventually, let out odors, and cause further property damage.

3. Accurate Damage Assessment and Cleanup
After the police have given the green signal, our Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup team assesses the area of impact accurately.  Furthermore, they effectively determine the area of space which needs to be cleaned and the steps to be taken for preventing further contamination. For instance, if there is a dead person in the bedroom it has to be isolated from the rest of the house so that the possibility of the disease spreading is negated. Anything related to cleaning and replacement has to be done in the bedroom so that it is contained.

Help at Your Doorstep
At ECOS, we understand the dangers of Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup.  Further, our professionals use state of the art green technology to restore your property to safe living conditions.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the damages, then call ECOS on 888-375-3267!  Most importantly, we have highly reliable services and can take care of all your problems effectively.

Once Again, why should you choose ECOS for your Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup Project?
• Our team is professionally qualified with 14 years of experience.
• We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
• With round-the-clock emergency service, we respond at any time of the day or night.
• Our experts clearly explain the cleaning process to you and provide detailed reports on each stage.
• ECOS uses state of the art green technology to do the cleanup. All the equipment is safe for people and animals.
• We take photos of the entire process to enable the policy holder and adjuster to understand why the removal of some structural materials was required, what was disposed, and why ECOS employees had to use certain protective equipment.
• ECOS provides biohazard cleaning services for small, medium, and large properties.

ECOS Offers The Following Biohazard Related Services:


Claims Journal


Environmental Spill Colorado

Hazmat Spill Glenwood Springs Colorado

Hazmat Spill Glenwood Springs Colorado | ECOS

On Monday September 18th, 2016, ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) Responded To A Hazmat Spill In Glenwood Springs Colorado.  ECOS Senior Hazmat Spill Project Manager, Matt Drymon, Responded To The Accident & Quickly Started The Remediation Process To Limit Damages To Glenwood Springs Residents & Our Environment.  Matt Organized A Team Of ECOS Hazmat Professionals To Start The Clean-Up Of The Spill Site and commented, “Thank you today to all of the ECOS professionals for your hard work, especially Dave B., Alan S., Jerrod L., Mason C., and Luke C.  This ECOS crew did a great job cleaning up oil, diesel, and trash spread down a very steep embankment where a rope was used to get up and down.  Team work like this makes me very proud to be apart of ECOS & our Hazmat Team.”

For More Information On The ECOS GWS Hazmat Spill Team, Please Visit Our Google Plus Page Below:

Hazmat Spill Glenwood Springs Colorado | The Post Independent Newspaper Article (Below).  By Clicking On The Following Article Title, You Can Access More Information About This Hazmat Spill From The Post Independent Newspaper…..

Garbage truck tumbles, driver able to walk away

The driver sustained “bumps and bruises” but otherwise escaped relatively unscathed, according to Shawn Parsons, fleet maintenance manager for Mountain Waste and Recycling Inc., which owns the truck. Colorado River Fire Rescue took the driver to Valley View Hospital for treatment.

Parsons said the accident occurred shortly after 1 p.m. and the vehicle was hauling residential trash to the South Canyon Landfill.

South Canyon Road, also known as County Road 134, will be closed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday while crews retrieve the garbage truck. This requires a closure of the landfill while the work is being conducted, said King Lloyd, landfill superintendent.

There will also be a single-lane closure beginning at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday while a crew from Mountain Waste and Recycling pumps hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel from the disabled vehicle.

Parsons said ECOS Environmental will be conducting a preliminary evaluation of the site on Tuesday, as well as additional testing before the truck is moved.

“We want to make sure nothing got away from us,” Parsons said.

Blaine Ward Towing of Glenwood Springs will retrieve the truck, and measures were taken on Monday by Glenwood Springs Fire Department to capture any hydrocarbons that may have entered the creek.


Hazmat Spill Glenwood Springs Colorado | ECOS Environmental

ECOS Responded Quickly From Glenwood Springs Office Located At 6690 Highway 82 Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601:

Environmental Spill Vail, Colorado

Environmental Spill

Why Choose ECOS for your Environmental Spill?

  • Live Operator 24 hours a Day, 7 days a week including holidays
  • Strong Safety Record
  • Experienced Environmental Team
  • Quickest Response Time In Colorado
  • Competitive Rates
  • Safety Program



ECOS Environmental Spill Response team is dedicated to helping your company contain any spill no matter the size or time of day. ECOS specializes in emergency response. ECOS does not use answering services; thus, when you call you will speak with an Owner, General Manager, or Senior Branch Manager during dispatch.


ECOS will evaluate every site and access the site in the least disturbing way while facilitating a safe work environment. ECOS Environmental Spill Response team prioritizes safety in the following way: first the safety of people is considered, second the safety of the environment is considered and third the safety of equipment/property is considered.

2015 Safety Record = Zero Work Related Injuries:


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