ECOS Grand Junction Home Improvement Expo

ECOS Grand Junction Attends 40th Annual Expo

ECOS Grand Junction Participates in the 40th Annual Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo
Call ECOS on 888-375-3267 for all of your damage restoration needs and services.  The ECOS Grand Junction office is one of the newest offices in our corporation.  We opened this office located at 784 Valley Court Unit D on Monday July 14th, 2014.  
This weekend, March 6th to March 8th, ECOS Grand Junction is participating in the 40th Annual Home Improvement and Remodeling Expo held at the Two Rivers Convention Center.  This Home Improvement and Remodeling Expo is the oldest and the largest trade show on the Western Slope!  ECOS Grand Junction is there this year making our first appearance at this fabulous trade show.  ECOS also recently joined the Housing and Building Association (HBA) of Northwestern Colorado.  Below, please find a picture of Jerry Poulsen and Nicole Holowaty proudly representing ECOS on Friday March 6th, 2015.  ECOS Grand Junction is growing its brand image in this important market.  On Saturday March 7th, Jerry Poulsen and Scott Hansen represented ECOS Grand Junction.  Finally, on Sunday March 8th, Jerry Poulsen and Marv Bembenek will represent ECOS Grand Junction.
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ECOS Steamboat Winter Carnival

ECOS Bronze Level Support of Steamboat Winter Sports Club | ECOS 970-879-3267

ECOS Steamboat Is A Proud Bronze Level Sponsor Of The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Inc (“SSWSC”).  SSWCS Is A Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to “inspire the pursuit of excellence and empower members of our community to achieve their personal goals in athletics and in life through participation in sport.”  ECOS Steamboat actively reached out to support this mission statement that helps many children and families achieve success on the slopes and in their personal lives.

ECOS Steamboat employees we excited and thrilled to participate in the recent Winter Carnival celebration (see picture below).   The group led by the branch manager, Ian Frazier (pictured on the far right) served hot chocolate and smiles to the participants of the Winter Carnival event.  This was the first event that ECOS Steamboat sponsored and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with SSWSC.   ECOS actively contributes funds and services to local non-profit organizations in our communities.  ECOS has offices in



Glenwood Springs

Grand Junction

Steamboat Springs

If you are a non-profit organization that would like to partner with ECOS, then please use the links above to reach out to our local branch managers and our corporate managers to discuss partnership opportunities!

ECOS Steamboat Winter Carnival
ECOS Employees At Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival



Ice Dam

Ice Dam Experts Of Colorado | ECOS 888-375-3267

ECOS Experts Can Help Prevent Further Damage To Your Home Or Office Caused By Ice Dams. We Specialize In Restoring Structures Damaged From Ice Dams.  We Have 10+ Years Industry Experience.  Ice Dams occur when melting snow has no where to drain because ice has formed at the edge of your roof.  This ice prevents melting snow from draining into the gutter system or off of your roof shingles.  When water forms but does not drain into the gutter system or off of the roof that is when a potential ice dam problem begins.   This usually occurs when the heat of the home has escaped due to improper insulation.

ECOS sees many ice dam claims in Colorado because the temperatures fluctuate dramatically.  After a heavy snow storm, the snow will begin to melt as the temperature rises during the day.  When temperatures drop below freezing this freeze leads to ice building on top of the gutter or along the edge of the roof.  The next day, heat from inside the home causes more water to form.  The water is not able to travel downward, so the water travels up the roof line into the shingles.  Eventually if the water continues to sit on your roof, then it eventually will enter your property.  It is very important to not have standing water inside your property for an extended period of time.


Ice Dam Picture
ECOS Experts Restore Your home From Ice Dam Damages


Roof Pitch:  The steeper the roof then the less likely ice dams occur at your property.  If your home has low roof pitches, then you should be more concerned about ice dams forming on your home and leading to water damage inside your property.

Bad Idea:   Hiring an inexperienced contractor that uses blunt instruments to try to fix the ice dam problem now but creates more problems later. If your contractor suggests using a blunt instrument such as an ice pick, hammer, etc., then we would strongly suggest that you call ECOS immediately.  This same contractor is more than likely going to remove important segments of your asphalt roof now leading to more costs later.  ECOS receives a lot of customers during the spring that had other contractors “fix” their ice dam problems during the winter.

Good Idea:  Free consultation with ECOS about your property and making sure that ice dams do not damage your property!


Below, we highlight the EPA image for “Best Practice Technology.”  This image is the EPA recommendation on the insulation of your roof to prevent ice dams.



EPA Best Roof Practices
EPA Best Roof Practices











ECOS Receives Patriot Award

ECOS Receives Patriot Award
ECOS Receives Patriot Award

By The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colorado
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Local clean-up business named ‘Patriotic Employer’

ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration Company was recently recognized for its support of military service members and their families, according to a news release from Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, a volunteer group.

“I think it’s very important to support military families based on everything they do for our country,” said Jerry Poulsen, branch manager at ECOS, which was recognized as a Patriotic Employer.

“From being dispatched to natural disasters around the U.S., being dispatched to protect the border, and being stationed outside the country, they put their lives on the line to keep our country safe,” Poulsen said.

ECOS, a general contractor, provides mitigation services for private homes damaged by fire or water, cleans up hazardous waste, and performs environmental clean-ups for the energy industry, among other services, Poulsen said.

“We restore property to its pre-loss condition,” he said.

ECOS is located at 784 Valley Court, Unit D. Call 245-3331 for more information.


The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction

National Guard Honors ECOS

National Guard Honors ECOS

National Guard Honor ECOS
National Guard Honor ECOS

ECOS is Colorado’s Premier Resort Restoration Company  |  ECOS  888-375-3267

The ECOS family is excited to share this great story with you about David Crockett who filled out a form with the National Guard for Supervisors and employers that recognize our armed forces and their needs when called to active duty and or training.  David is member of the National Guard and wrote about Jerry Poulsen and the ECOS Grand Junction office.  His application highlighted how Jerry and ECOS Grand Junction are willing to work around his National Guard schedule and how he is always presented with the opportunity to obtain certifications or training for his position with ECOS.

Thanks to David’s effort, Jerry and ECOS Grand Junction were awarded with two awards. The first award was for ECOS Grand Junction and is a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve. The second award was for Jerry as a supervisor for ECOS and is a Patriotic Employer Award.

After winning these awards, ECOS Grand Junction and Jerry have a chance to win two more awards with one being at the White House.  Also there will be an article in the local Grand Junction paper about the awards ceremony.  Nicole Holowaty was present for this ceremony and took the attached picture.

Congrats to David, Jerry, and ECOS Grand Junction!!!  The ECOS family is extremely proud of all of you and your office.

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ECOS co-sponsors Carbondale Chamber of Business Event

ECOS co-sponsors Carbondale Chamber of Business Event | 888-375-3267

ECOS has been providing residents of Carbondale with emergency response service for over 10 years.  We offer Carbondale residents peace of mind that we can respond to their disaster emergency within 60 minutes.  To celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we are offering 10% off of carpet cleaning jobs, FREE mold inspections, and FREE mold estimates.  We have done hundreds and hundreds of jobs in Carbondale covering all of our service lines.  More specifically, we have done flood damage work, fire and water damage restoration, mold and asbestos remediation for Carbondale homeowners and businesses.  Last month, ECOS co-sponsored a Carbondale Chamber of Business After Hours (BAH) Event.  We took the following picture of our table.

ECOS Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Event
ECOS Carbondale Chamber of Business Event

Pictured next to this text are the three ECOS employees that represented our firm.  Pictured from left to right are Scott Hansen, Nicole Holowaty, and Jon Westenfelder.  Scott is our Roaring Fork branch manager and thus leads the effort to bring excellent customer service to Carbondale residents.  Nicole is the ECOS office manager and the Head of Human Resources.  Finally, Jon leads our reconstruction team and has many years of industry experience.

ECOS is honored to be one of five for-profit businesses nominated for the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.  We received the following nomination from a local resident that knows our firm extremely well.  This resident wrote the Carbondale Chamber of Business the following endorsement for ECOS:

“I would like to nominate ECOS Environmental and Disaster Restoration, Inc. for Carbondale Business of the Year.  Open everyday of the year, ECOS provides emergency flood, fire, mold and asbestos services for the Carbondale community and regularly helps Carbondale residents during their time of need to restore their homd and offices to safe living conditions.  ECOS is celebrating its 10th year anniversary helping the citizens of Carbondale and just received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for providing exceptional customer service.   ECOS not only provides their services 24/7, but also has a strong local presence by purchasing supplies locally, banking locally and providing good paying jobs for local residents.  In the past year they exemplified community partnership by co-sponsoring Early Childhood Network’s fundraising event, as well as the Carbondale Cajun Clay event and Chamber Business After Hours, provided free mold remediation for Our School and supported the high school through calendar participation.  They have implemented a broad employee benefit program for their 35 employees this past year to include a health care plan, (paying  60% of the costs), along with paid holidays, vacation and sick days, subsidized housing and extensive employee training in an industry accreditation program to provide certification for their staff.  A youth internship program is planned for the coming year.”





Water Damage Owners

New Owners of Premier Flood Water Damage Restoration Company

ECOS Current OwnersECOS is Colorado’s Premier Flood Water Damage Restoration Company

Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) is a premier flood water damage restoration company recently bought by James and Theresa Lowry.  James and Theresa purchased ECOS at the end of 2013 with a vision to provide an exceptional customer service experience.  The Lowry’s experienced their own flood water damage loss in 2007 in which their entire basement was flooded from a storm.  This is when the Lowry’s first learned that the flood water damage industry is filled with many companies that do not provide good customer service.   They had a water damage restoration company respond 5 hours after their call and they were less than impressed by the appearance of the technicians, the explanation of the process or the price they paid for this company’s service.  With the purchase of ECOS, James and Theresa are striving to provide customers with a much better experience.   For instance, ECOS employees will be required to wear uniforms and present an i.d. badge giving the home owner peace of mind that ECOS will do an excellent job restoring their property in a prompt and timely manner.  ECOS employees will also walk the homeowners through the flood water damage restoration process so there are no surprises.  All ECOS professionals are well trained and certified on ANY and ALL cleaning and damage restoration.  James and Theresa understand that a loss due to flood or a fire is devastating and that’s why they want to bring the best service to all their customers.

ECOS Grand Junction, Colorado Office

Grand Junction Grand Opening

Grand Junction now has ECOS Flood Water Damage Experts | ECOS 888-375-3267


ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) is really excited to announce the grand opening of its newest office in Grand Junction.  ECOS flood water experts will provide a higher quality service in Grand Junction.  ECOS flood water service is recognized in many resort communities.  ECOS has offices in Aspen, Boulder, Glenwood Springs, now Grand Junction, and soon Vail.

GREAT LOCATION: Our office location is 784 Valley Court Unit D, Grand Junction, Colorado.  This office officially opened its’ doors on July 14th, 2014.  We believe this location gives us quick access to highways and roads to dramatically reduce our response time.  Highway location access is key to reducing the response time below 1 hour.  Our goal is to respond faster than our competition saving you time and money.  Our ECOS Grand Junction office is a 24/7 emergency response business.

LIVE OPERATOR:  You will get a live operator on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our operators are owners or senior managers that can organize a FAST response.  Said another way, our operators excel in providing exceptional customer service.

INSURANCE FRIENDLY:  In order to make this office strong in operations, we hired Jerry Poulsen as the branch manager.  Jerry has over 15 years of damage restoration industry experience.  Jerry was an insurance adjuster for 10 years and still holds an insurance adjuster license.  As an insurance adjuster himself, Jerry works extremely well with all insurance companies.  He and his team can clearly explain the insurance claims process to you before we do any work on your residence.  More importantly, the ECOS Grand Junction team makes sure that they work within your coverage limits.  Their experience and dedication will dramatically limit your out of pocket expenses!!!

GREAT TECHNICIANS:  ECOS technicians are IICRC certified, bonded, and fully insured.  They are also screened with background checks for insurance purposes.  ECOS employees have pictured identification to give you peace of mind.

Call ECOS flood water experts now in Grand Junction before your damage gets worse.  Call 888-375-3267


ECOS Grand Junction flood water managerECOS Water Drying equipment picture




ECOS Grand Junction flood water workers picture